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7 alternative and related products to Elevatyr

Simple crypto portfolio investing

Elevatyr is a mobile platform designed to bring simplicity and ease to crypto investing. Invest in many of world's most popular cryptocurrencies simultaneously, rather than trading one at time through confusing exchanges. Currently available in the US in most states on iOS. Android app to be released soon.

7 Alternatives to Elevatyr

Invest in crypto portfolios with one click and zero fees

CoinBundle is the easiest way for new investors to buy bundles of cryptocurrencies to build their portfolios. Zero fees, best in class custody and a range of investment options to choose from based on risk profile and beliefs. Based in San Francisco and backed by YCombinator, Initialized Capital, Switch VC, Tuesday Capital and Liquid2 Ventures.

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The venture capitalist and husband of Serena Williams was one of the first investors in Coinbase. He told Cheddar he's staying away from the more speculative ICOs and instead investing in the "picks and shovels" that provide fundamental support for the long-term viability of cryptocurrencies.
Bitcoin News
In recent news relating to cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbundle has received approval for licensing in The Philippines, the Monetary Authority of Singapore has issued a consultation paper regarding its intention to update its regulatory apparatus for cryptocurrency exchanges, and Okex has announced that it has remedied the error that caused it abruptly suspe… See more
We're excited to announce that after testing the CoinBundle Beta for 30 days with our private community, it's on Product Hunt today! We did a lot of cool things in the past one month, and received amazing feedback from our great community that made the company even stronger.
9 Alternatives to CoinBundle

Find the best prices to buy or sell cryptocurrencies

Cryptoradar is a real-time cryptocurrency price comparison website that not only gives you the best price but also lets you compare various exchanges based on various features.

We currently support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Monero.

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Las criptomonedas todavía son una completa incertidumbre para muchas personas, pero poco a poco surgen más motivos para comenzar a indagar sobre el área y finalmente poner dinero y empeño en ello; ahora mismo esta forma de inversión está convirtiéndose en una nueva rama de la economía que quizás pronto cambie nuestra manera de ver el mundo.
En los últimos días hemos visto como la burbuja Bitcoin crecía a niveles que hace unos años eran impensables. Tras superar los 11.000 dólares, uno se pregunta hasta dónde puede llegar esta criptomoneda. Si estás pensando en comprar criptomonedas o en hacer negocio con todo lo que has acumulado, Cryptoradar es un buen punto de partida.
Cryptocurrency is all the rage these days. However, especially in the past two days, we bet you've noticed that cryptocurrency prices are extremely volatile. Sometimes it's Kraken that offers the best exchange rate, the other day it's Bitfinex. Crypto enthusiasts always need to know where they can get the most bitcoins for their hard-earned fiat money.
21 Alternatives to Cryptoradar

Invest your sparechange and instantly trade crypto 💸

With Crumbs you can invest as little as your sparechange into a basket of crypto's or instantly trade over a dozen cryptos.

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Despite market conditions, Crumbs plans to offer a secure and friendly environment for newcomers to learn about and purchase cryptocurrencies. Crumbs embraces compliance and the internal compliance and legal teams are working closely with regulators to ensure it is operating within the boundaries of regulation.
For the past few months, Crumbs has been in public beta. During this time, we have been hard at work squashing bugs, iterating off tester feedback, and working closely with our compliance and legal teams to ensure we are on the right side of the rules.
9 Alternatives to Crumbs 2.0

Smart crypto portfolio tools & insights

Unspent gives you simple yet powerful tools to help you keep an eye on crypto-assets you own and the larger crypto markets.
Automatic imports, total portfolio value, price alerts, risk management, analyzing asset performance and volatility, price correlation…

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While Unspent already offers a good amount of simple and powerful features, today we're releasing two powerful features that we hope you'll love just as much as we do. Unspent goes beyond portfolio tracking, and those features are a good example of that. Performance histogram: analyzing performance and volatility I like this tool a lot.
6 Alternatives to Unspent

Bitcoin investing on autopilot

CoinBits is Bitcoin Investing on AutoPilot. It allows you to invest in EASIL Y. It. Just. Works. Connect your card, have it run in the background. You can even set how risky you want to get.
CoinBits is THE easy on ramp for Bitcoin,

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Teen crypto star Erik Finman has said Bitcoin "may have a bull market or two left in it," but that "long-term, its dead."
Erik Finman, the 20-year-old crypto millionaire who made a fortune as one of the first (and youngest) investors in bitcoin, is launching a new tool that he says will revolutionize the still-nascent world of cryptocurrencies.
4 Alternatives to CoinBits

Smart accurate, crypto portfolio coin tracking software.

NOT just another Coin Tracker!

Track your Breakeven in real time on each coin

Watch your rolling Profit Loss across all exchanges like Binance & Bitmex

No more guess work.

Updated every few seconds.

Nothing Like this exists anywhere!


Gazzerman- Smart Accurate Portfolio Tracking
Packed with great features you will not find anywhere else! Once you use it you wont be able to trade without it.
Gazzerman- Smart Accurate Portfolio Tracking
The crypto market is moving fast! The tools for keeping track of your trades are very basic and insufficient, Coin Market Manager is a total game changer! Get real time break even and rolling profit loss on all your trades!
Gazzerman- Smart Accurate Portfolio Tracking
Convert all your trades into one simple currency regardless of the coin pairs. Get real time break even data for each coin every time you buy and sell, and much more. Limited spots available for FREE access right now. Act fast!
7 Alternatives to Coin Market Manager

Sync your portfolio across 25 crypto exchanges

The best crypto portfolio tracker does the work for you. Introducing Gem. Gem automatically syncs your balances, trade activity, and holdings across 25 crypto exchanges (Coinbase, Binance, KuCoin, Kraken, and more) to update your portfolio in real-time. And it’s completely free. Connect once and you’re done.

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Hacker Noon
2018 has been the year of the crypto bears. After seeing all-time-highs towards the end of 2017, most crypto investors have spent a large part of 2018 looking at their portfolios closely, biting their nails and pulling out their hair. The slump just doesn't seem to end!
US-based crypto startup BitVault, Inc., doing business as Gem, has announced the launch of its consumer crypto portfolio app that lets users track all their crypto accounts in one single app. The app, initially announced in April, syncs with all major platforms and provides key metrics of how users' investments are doing.
Crypto Token Talk Podcast
This episode welcomes Micah Winkelspecht, Founder and CEO of Gem. Micah first discovered blockchain while working as a programmer. Today Gem is launching a new user friendly wallet designed specifically for non-blockchain-saavy users. Gem has undergone several iterations and released multiple blockchain related products, but Micah maintains that the goal for… See more
Gem HQ
Episode 2 - A conversation with Gem CEO and Founder Micah Winkelspecht about the forces that are shaping the volatile cryptocurrency markets and the evolution of the decentralized ecosystem. As the days grow short and darkness falls, all indications are that a frigid winter is in store for the crypto community.
Gem HQ
Here in our office in Venice, California, we have a neon sign on our wall that I personally designed for our team. Every employee that passes by is greeted with a simple message: "You're a gem." The message sums up my ethos and the spirit of this company.
Built In Los Angeles
The cryptocurrency exchange market continues to wobble. Currencies plunged in November, while Bitcoin - despite losing 40 percent value in less than two weeks - modestly increased its share of the total cryptocurrency investment pool. In other words: While the crypto market is mercurial, people seem to be sticking by Bitcoin.
White Rabbit - ICO Discovery
Dmitriy Perelstein posted on August 18, 2018 If you haven't heard of an app called Gem yet, you will soon. Gem is an all-in-one platform that helps users manage their digital assets by combining functionality of a universal wallet and a portfolio tracker.
Unblocked Events
Hi Micah, Great to have you back on Chain Reaction. Last time we interviewed you, around a year ago, Gem was very focused on healthcare but now you are building something new, can you tell us a bit about how your focus has shifted?
4 Alternatives to Gem Crypto Portfolio Tracker
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