Alternative products to Elevate 2.0

4 alternative and related products to Elevate 2.0

Elevate 2.0
Cognitive training for real-world skills
4 Alternatives to Elevate 2.0

Questions to train your mind.

Train your mind with thoughtful questions. 🧠

Digital Socrates is a crowdsourced database of questions on topics ranging from philosophy to interview questions to personal growth reflections. Think more deeply with the notepad and challenge yourself with the stopwatch. When you're ready, join the community of like-minded thinkers.

3 Alternatives to Digital Socrates

Performance tracking in chats for modern businesses

Karma bot for Microsoft Teams encourages to work better, deliver faster, improves performance and maximises efficiency in chat environment. Karma equips team members with the tools they need to address their weaknesses and provides the team leaders with actionable HR insights, introducing a healthy competition that fosters effectiveness.

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Exploring the frontiers while building stronger, happier teams in chats. Karma bot is now officially in the new Microsoft Teams store Karma - teammates can now reward each other with karma points. Profiles - based on the descriptions provided with each karma request Karam bot builds comprehensive and sophisticated user profiles.
6 Alternatives to Karmabot for Microsoft Teams

Improve focus & productivity ~plan, time tasks, blocks sites

Moderamic is a chrome extension that improves productivity by helping with planning, task time tracking and blocking of distracting sites.

This is used for Internet Freelancers/Consultants, Students, Entrepreneurs - Or anyone who wants to increase their productivity.

Ray Ocon
Ray Ocon- CEO of Moderamic
Check out the website -!
4 Alternatives to Moderamic
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