Alternative products to Electric Objects EO2 Digital Art Display

19 alternative and related products to Electric Objects EO2 Digital Art Display

Electric Objects EO2 Digital Art Display
EO2 is our most beautiful display for art, ever
19 Alternatives to Electric Objects EO2 Digital Art Display

Create, collect and trade rare crypto art and collectibles

SuperRare makes it easy to create, sell, and collect rare digital art. Our smart contract platform allows artists to release limited-edition digital artwork tracked on the blockchain, making the art rare, verified and collectible.

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We launched SuperRare with the aim of putting non-fungible token technology tools in the hands of creators. We figured that if we built the platform for people to create and trade crypto art and collectibles, artists and creators would come up with much more interesting and innovative ways to use it than we ever dreamed.
2017 was a yuuge year for cryptocurrency prices and hype. But 2018 is about substance and delivering working software, and rare digital art and collectibles are going to be at the center of it.
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The world's most dangerous art, created with malware.

This laptop running some of the most dangerous malware ever created is up for auction!

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The Times of India
TIMESOFINDIA.COM | May 15, 2019, 19:01 IST If you're aware of some of the biggest cybersecurity threats that have plagued laptops/computers across the world then the words WannaCry, BlackEnergy, DarkTequila, ILOVEYOU, MyDoom, SOBIG would ring more than a bell. For the uninitiated these are six of the most notorious malware that have affected systems in the l… See more
The most dangerous laptop in the world is up for auction. Packed with six of the most destructive pieces of malware ever (Blackenergy, Iloveyou, Wannacry, Mydoom, Sobig, DarkTequila), this laptop is being sold as an artistic expression of chaos and cyber security.
A Samsung NC10-14GB 10.2-Inch Blue Netbook, running some of the most dangerous malware threats ever created, is up for auction.If you were an avid PC user in the early 2000's, then you probably remember all sorts of malware, viruses, worms and trojans that seemed to pop up too fast for anti-virus software to keep up.
4 Alternatives to The Persistence of Chaos

Slice up gifs into art for your walls

Gif Slice lets you convert any gif into a piece of artwork for your walls. It works by converting the gif to a cube and then letting you take a 2D slice of that cube. Each slice captures multiple frames of the original gif. You can then order matte prints of the slices (optional framed) on the site

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11 Alternatives to Gif Slice

Color WiFi displays you can put up anywhere to show stuff.

Relays are 2.8" color Wifi-connected displays you can put up anywhere to show messages or pictures. They can be controlled from anywhere via a web app or the Relay API. There's a wall-mounted version for applications like showing messages to visitors at front doors, and a desk version for showing pictures or notes to yourself (or others) inside.

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Relays are cute little (2.8″ diagonal) LCD color screens which connect to your wifi network and can be used to display any images or messages of your choice. Once your Relay is connected to wifi, you can control it from anywhere else in the world by logging in to the Relay website and entering a message or uploading an image for it.
Setting up and using a Relay for the first time is easy and only takes a few minutes. You will need the Device ID and Passphrase that came with your Relay to complete the setup process. You should keep the Device ID and Passphrase in a safe place.
7 Alternatives to Relay

The Daily Art Market Intake is a free newsletter that condenses what is going on in the art world in a novice-friendly 2min read. Guaranteed 100% snobbish jargon and fake news free.

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Feral Horses | Blog
A free daily arty newsletter that explains what goes on in the art world in plain English and in less than 2min at the time. About a year ago, we have launched Feral Horses; an affordable and accessible live-trading platform for contemporary art that really benefits artists.
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This Christmas, anyone can gift museum-worthy artworks

Gift shares of a museum-worthy artwork to your friends, relatives and colleagues.

Make them feel part of a bigger project. Through the power of co-ownership Feral Horses is able to place the artwork in the public realm, so that more people can enjoy it.

4 Alternatives to Gift Art by Feral Horses

Collect & trade digital stickers, cards, GIFs & 3D figures

Quidd is a Brooklyn based app for collecting & sharing rare digital goods like chat stickers, trading cards, GIFs, & 3D digital figures from fandoms such as Funko, Game of Thrones, Marvel, Star Trek, Rick & Morty, & more. It has over 1 .5 billion limited edition digital items sold to-date. Explore Quidd in the iOS & Android app stores or

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Quidd is the leading platform for buying, trading and using premium, rare digital goods.
We've all collected something at some point in our lives - stamps, comic books, baseball cards. These are all physical assets, but Quidd is trying to bring the same excitement to the digital world by providing an online marketplace where users can purchase and trade rare digital goods, like sticker...
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