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7 alternative and related products to Edge QR

Edge QR

Create QR codes with pictures in them

7 Alternatives to Edge QR

Want to quickly pass someone your contact information?

You can generate your contact visual code through Siri, Today widget or using 3D Touch.

Need to transmit other information?

Also you can generate visual codes for existing or new contacts info, new calendar events... try asking Siri!

Reader is able to recognize more than 15 visual code types.

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VisualCode is the app that let you generate or scan QR codes. Want to quickly pass someone your contact information?You can generate your contact visual code through Siri, Today widget or using 3D Touch on the app icon.
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VisualCode QR Code Generator for iPhone :: Here is another app that helps you generate QR codes for everything. VisualCode for iPhone allows you to create a visual code through Siri. You will be able to use it for contact info, events, payment requests, and everything in between.
VisualCode is the app that let you generate or scan QR codes.
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7 Alternatives to VisualCode

Write URLs to Blockchain forever ⛓

👋Hey PH,

Quick Disclaimer: If you would like to Shorten a URL you will need Metamask chrome extension and some free test ethers.

However, you can use already shortened urls on any browser or device.

For example

🙏Happy to answer any questions about the product or blockchain in general.

Леша Быхун
Леша Быхун- JS + Blockchain + MIPT + caffeine
This project uses blockchain to store the link.
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Hacker Noon
Interacting with the smart contract EthersJS library is used to talk to the blockchain // provider picks up the Metamask injected web3 object from browserlet provider = new ethers.providers.Web3Provider(web3.currentProvider);let address = "ADDRESS_OF_DEPLOYED_SMART_CONTRACT";let abi = [...]
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Link As You Go is an iPhone app that saves you from typing all the links you see around you on your phone. Just snap a photo of the link and the app will open it.

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TL;DR I created an app which allows you to take a photo of a link or an email and have it available to use on your iPhone. To get it, scroll to the bottom of the article. I went to this year's...
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12 Alternatives to Link As You Go

Store URLs and share them face to face

WidUseful can store urls with QR code in your widget. Then you can share them to others face to face easily.

WidUseful can also display images and texts in the widget. You can also import urls and images from other apps.

If you shared an image with QR code with it. It will be scanned and import as a url.Or it will be import as an image directly

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6 Alternatives to WidUseful
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