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Dubble Studio

Create awesome double exposures

4 Alternatives to Dubble Studio

Take a picture and randomly mix it with anyone in the world

dubble is a creative photo application enabling users to mix their photo with other people around the world. Often creating stunning, serendipitous double exposures

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Photo-sharing has a new contender for your eyeballs. Meet Dubble: an app for iOS 7 made by a U.K. startup that lets you spice up your selfies by randomly pairing them with a photo taken by someone else. The app digitally combines two separate shots into one by overlaying them over each other.
British Journal of Photography
"I was always amazed by the results I got when sharing rolls of films with other people to shoot over," says Adam Scott, Lomography UK's former managing director and the CEO of Dubble, a new app company.
the Guardian
There's an ongoing argument in the technology world about whether tablets and smartphones are more focused on consumption than creativity. As time has gone on, though, the number of apps helping us do more than passively read, watch and listen has grown.
The Verge
One of the most fun features found on many analog cameras was the option to expose a single frame of film multiple times, capturing separate images overtop each other to create an eerie, fantastic, or just plain cool effect.
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