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22 alternative and related products to DriftBot

A chatbot for your knowledge base
Zendesk for Startups
Every customer counts when you're a startup.
22 Alternatives to DriftBot

Let customers help themselves with a smarter knowledge base.

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Omer Molad
One of Intercom's modules is Educate, which lets you create an FAQ / help section that learns over time.
Malin Andersson
A bit pricy, but very well structured and easy to use.
Jeroen Corthout ☕
Go for the real thing. You won't regret it. I wrote a post here about what makes the Intercom product so great:
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Inside Intercom
Up to now Intercom has focused on making personal, relevant conversations the cornerstone of great support. But often the best route to an answer is through the customer helping themselves. It's better for everyone: your customers get the quick, easy answers they need and your team can concentrate instead on questions that are hard to resolve.
There are three different ways Intercom Educate is useful Customers can search through articles and find answers themselves. Live chat agents can insert articles into conversations to answer questions. It's SEO friendly and helps bring new users to the site.
With Intercom Educate, you can create content and answer people's simple questions faster. When a customer asks a question in the Messenger, Operator will suggest relevant articles to help answer it. You can also see how your content is performing, exactly how it can be improved, and what to write next.
30 Alternatives to Intercom Educate

Now it is

Streamline your funnel with our messaging platform. Track traffic sources to acquire visitors personally. Send a welcome campaign after they sign up and then nurture these leads on every stage of the funnel.

Valerie Fenske
With a variety of features in one product, Dashly is well apprecited among its users as a customer service tool That's because of the combination of: - live chat - with powerful features like canned responses, channels and option to hold conversations - integration with other communication channels, e.g. Facebook and Mail - knowledge base with unlimited cat… See more
Andre Markoni
all features are available for you in a single window
Andre Markoni
I would definitely recommend it to all.
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Carrrot blog
We all remember May, 25th when the whole world completely changed the attitude to data protection - the day when the GDPR apocalypse happened. Now that three months passed we can evaluate the disaster scale.
Companies are used to assessing only the main target actions like registrations and sales. Wait. What about the steps in between? Do we have to fight for likes on Facebook? Is it worth worrying about the...
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Stonly has reimagined the knowledge base to make it powerful and present. Stonly’s KB is full of interactive, step-by-step guides that are a more effective way to share information. The Stonly KB can be embedded or displayed by widget.

David Rostan
Stonly has been Product Hunt product of the day TWO TIMES! It was a product of the month and one of the top 20 products of the year in 2019. It gained so many fans and customers because it is the only knowledge base system that is interactive, instead of static. It is not just a place to stick your documents - it makes them work!
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Stonly is building a service for customer support teams so that they can share step-by-step guides to solve the most common issues. The startup just raised a $3.5 million funding round led by Accel with business angels also participating, such as Eventbrite CTO Renaud Visage and PeopleDoc founders ...
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