Alternative products to Draft.js

13 alternative and related products to Draft.js

A framework for building rich text editors in React
13 Alternatives to Draft.js

A block-styled editor with clean JSON output

Three years under development, 24 repos, 500 merged PRs. Editor.js is here.
A block-styled editor for rich media stories. It outputs clean data in JSON instead of heavy HTML markup. Designed to be API extendable and pluggable.
Free and open-source 🤩

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Editor.js is a next-gen visual editor developed by the CodeX team. Unlike the majority of its counterparts, it returns clean data output instead of raw HTML-markup, simplifying the process of distributing content over various platforms: the data can be used in web clients, rendered in mobile apps, formatted for Facebook Instant Articles or Google AMP, and ev… See more
На его основе работает редактор, TJ и DTF. Три с половиной года разработки, 24 репозитория, 500 закрытых пулл-реквестов и бессчётное число коммитов - большой opensource-проект готов к выходу из беты. Если быть точным, это вторая версия проекта, в которой мы решили изменить название редактора с CodeX Editor на Editor.js, попутно переписав его с нуля.
5 Alternatives to Editor.js

Structured Content Platform. Customizable ReactJS editor.

Since their 2017 launch, Sanity have released:
- Automatic setup on Netlify and Github from starters
- Real-time Gatsby source plugin
- Document history & rollback
- Editing environment redesign
- GraphQL API (Beta)
- Field validations
- New rich text editor

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In this episode we have on Knut Melvær from to talk about creating structured content in the "headless" CMS that is! We talk about how a headless CMS has a different approach from a traditional CMS, and Sanity's approach to the tackling the job of defining schema, and...
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