Alternative products to Dovetale

9 alternative and related products to Dovetale

Find and work with influencers using image recognition
9 Alternatives to Dovetale

The most powerful tool to collaborate with influencers

VoxFeed is a tool that makes collaboration between brands and influencers easier.

It is also a marketplace that helps brands to discover and connect with thousands of influencers.

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Revista Merca2.0
En la actualidad es común escuchar el término Influencers en medios, pero pocos en realidad se pueden considerar expertos en el tema como es el caso de VoxFeed, el Marketplace de Influencers en el cual te puedes comunicar con más de 25 mil influencers instantáneamente y en tan sólo minutos armar una campaña.
6 Alternatives to VoxFeed

Easiest way to use your team's untapped social media reach

Creww is a platform where marketers and HR professionals can capitalize their team members’ reach without nagging them. And, team members earn reward points for their actions. In short, automatically distribute your content and job postings to social networks of your team members.

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Creww For Teams
Hello, I'm Gaurav, one of the team members at and I'm excited to write this inauguration blog post on our freshly installed WordPress Blog 😎 #honored So, what exactly is Good question. Well, Creww is an attempt at solving an often-ignored-yet-existing problem of making most of your team's combined social media influence and network.
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A cozy place to discover top YouTube and Instagram bloggers📹

Search, watch and collaborate with the best YouTube and Instagram bloggers

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Dear reader of Storybacker's blog, We would like to share with you the concept and philosophy of our project. Please, read the short overview how Storybacker solves the following major problems... We aggregate amazing content from the top world's bloggers in one spot.
8 Alternatives to Storybacker

Discover genuine influencers that are using you product

Identify powerful Influencers that have used your company, in real-time. Sort by follower count to find key influencers. Access contact details, reach out & collaborate.

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It's time to bring your marketing into the 21st century. Leverage the power of Instagram influencers and user-generated content with our latest piece of tech. E-commerce is changing and is changing with it. Today we launched Influence - a brand new bolt-on product for enhanced Reputation Management.
5 Alternatives to Influencer Discovery

Advertising automation for Facebook, Instagram, and Google

Get better ROI with Creative Automation
The smartest way marketing teams get better results on Facebook, Instagram, & Google. Get more conversions creating beautiful dynamic templates. Add your custom images, logos, fonts, and product data. Scale & Succeed!

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Promoting your best content automatically is probably one of the easiest ways to achieve growth after you've identified your winning strategy.
Our team worked hard to finally be able to bring you this news: creating video ads is now possible in Hunch Studio! Animating layers and manipulating sequences are just a few of the features that you can start taking advantage of to produce captivating ads.
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Discover your next favorite thing

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