Alternative products to Doodle Bot for Slack

6 alternative and related products to Doodle Bot for Slack

Doodle Bot for Slack
Simple tool to find meeting times on Slack

Find the best time to meet with your team inside and outside Slack in the easiest way possible!

Forget about juggling between calendars and chat services, jumping between tabs or resending invites - use Doodle Bot to create and manage meetings where you work.

6 Alternatives to Doodle Bot for Slack

A simple, powerful bot for recurring surveys on Slack 📝

Run Slack surveys in seconds with powerful options, like:

- flexible scheduling (i.e., asking people by their time zones);

- conditional questions (if ‘A’ then ask “B’);

- posting results in a thread, via email or webhook;

You get a central team dashboard with statistics, multi-admin access and can even customize the bot's name and avatar 😎

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What do you imagine by the word 'culture?' It means some values accepted by society. It may be present in art, communication, development or other areas. So team culture is everything that is accepted inside the team. It's about how team members interact, reach the goals of the whole team together and just spend time.
Scrum Framework and its ceremonies raise a lot of questions on how to make it right. Many Agile teams struggle to find techniques and an approach that fits their unique circumstances and thus give up on Scrum. So, I sat down with Artem Borodin, CSP-SM, Scrum Alliance Certified, PMP to discuss Scrum ceremonies.
6 Alternatives to Slack Surveys by Standuply

The world's first fully immersive Slack-based survey product

Polly has launched a fully native, immersive survey experience in Slack. No more links sending you out to surveys on the web, users can complete surveys quickly and efficiently. We've optimized the experience for Slack-based workflows, making the act of taking a survey frictionless and fun 🎉

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Let's imagine that you're in your Slack team's engineering channel and everyone just got a poll asking for feedback on the most recent Sprint Retrospective meeting - but none of the options the author has given you are on par with your opinions and there is no easy way to add comments, answer open-endedly, or add in your option without being booted off to th… See more
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Automate the busy work of scheduling meetings ⚡

Doodle's Zapier intergration lets you supercharge your scheduling. Send participants custom follow up emails, notify your team on Slack about the time you picked, collect your Doodle participants in a list, and much more. Automagically do more with Doodle.

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Imagine the following: You create an awesome Doodle to invite all your friends to your birthday party. You get very excited and would like to call your mum every time someone participates in the Doodle. That would be a lot of work, right? Plus: You would probably get overexcited.
Doodle is a scheduling platform you can use to suggest available times, invite participants to vote, and pick a final time per participants' responses. Start by setting up and customizing your meeting request, including potential time slots and meeting duration. Then, send the link to participants, who will indicate their...
Doodle Blog
Today Doodle is proud to announce its integration with the leading integration software, Zapier! Zapier is a service that enables connections between all kinds of different apps and tools that you use every day. Now you can integrate Doodle into your daily workflow seamlessly by automating all kinds of time-consuming tasks, with zero coding required.
10 Alternatives to Doodle Zapier Integration
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