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6 alternative and related products to Don't Unsubscribe

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The average engagement in a newsletter is less than 5%! We think the fact that newsletter have always been generic (every single person receives the exact same thing) plays a big part in that. Thus we set out to experiment with a new kind of newsletter.

6 Alternatives to Don't Unsubscribe

Dev Parashar
Dev Parashar- CS engineer, MBA, Marketer
Not only can you save your content, you can read it later or share it as a single webpage, as a newsletter, or as social media content in few seconds!
Dev Parashar
Dev Parashar- CS engineer, MBA, Marketer
Their chrome extenstion can do wonders and the overall product is genius!
Dev Parashar
Dev Parashar- CS engineer, MBA, Marketer
Not only its a great bookmark manager, but is also a nice RSS reader and newsletter creator. Also loving their new design overhaul!
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Aleksandra- Maker @ Planet:tech, Supergirls
I love this newsletter for a personal touch/opinions on the latest tech news. I think it's great for a wide range of readers, even if you are quite new into tech.
Vince- Product & Digital Marketing enthusiast
Every week Owen will talk about the major happenings (3-4) in the tech space. His writing is fairly accessible while not compromising on the details.
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João Cunha
João Cunha- Founder at & Product Manager
I've been following Hacker Newsletter for 8 years now. It's essentially a weekly curation of the top Hacker News articles made by Kale Davis. What I like the most about it is that it always has content that I can share with my geeky-but-non-hardcore-programmer friends, and the top picks are usually super impressive information. I can't recommend it enough. … See more
Ramkarthik- Web developer
Covers the top articles in different categories like News, Code, Data, Learn, Show HN, Books etc from Hacker News every week. Best way to keep up with tech.
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