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Domainr alternatives and competitors

Tap into cash-flowing commercial real estate investments
  • Undeveloped

    Domains you never thought were available
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  • Zeit CLI Domains

    Buy domains right from your terminal with zero configuration
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  • You may want to grab one of these great names before someone else does:
    Comment your favorite subdomains below!
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  • Namestormy

    Weird & wonderful domain alternatives for your project
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  • BrandHunt V2

    Search/track domain & social media handles in real time.
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  • Selldom allows you to buy and sell domains that are waiting silently in the dark, unused at your registrar after your 100th side-project pivot.

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    Unlike other similar services is user-friendly and free

  • Search free to register expired domains
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    The biggest user of Tool.Domains is Tool.Domains itself. While our front end is bad, the system inside (which anyone can access with a custo…

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  • Buy.io

    A new way to buy and sell your domain names. List your domain with minimum price, someone bids, it starts the auction for 7 / 14 days. Or set a buy now price.

    List the domain for buy now and/or auction, from $10 per listing (to avoid spams / low-quality domains / non-serious sellers). See the pricing for more details.

    Now, no fee on buying.

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  • .TECH - Domain Names for the New Tech Revolution

    Your website, startup or tech brand deserves a .TECH domain!

    Get it:

    1. Go to - go.tech/ph18

    2. Select a standard 1, 5 or 10-yr domain

    3. Use coupon code at checkout - PH18


    1-yr domains - $4.99 (90% OFF on $50)

    5-yr domains - $29.99 (88% OFF on $250)

    10-yr domains - $59.99 (88% OFF on $500)

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    Overall an affordable and easy way to get .tech domains!

  • Get.blog by WordPress

    Prebook .blog domains before it's open to public
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  • Instant Domain Search

    Instant Domain Search checks domain availability as you type. It also automatically generates available domain names, and suggests related domain names for sale.
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  • Braand.co

    Start your next venture today with a hand-picked

    domain name and logo from Braand.co

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  • DomainPage

    Import all of your domains for auto-generated landing pages in a matter of minutes. Use 1-click domain forwarding to start capturing more leads, backed by a robust sales & management dashboard.
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  • The first conversion optimization tool dedicated to marketing agencies who are in charge of multiple domains. Oribi for Agencies helps you set up your clients for success and communicate your great work. And like Oribi for Companies, we make it EASY for you.
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  • Finds all already registered domain names
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  • DomainFox is a tool to ensure your domains don't lapse by sending you a notification in advance.

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    Usually a single notification will be given to the registered email with the Domain resistor, if the authorised person miss the notification…

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  • BrandBucket is ecommerce for business naming, featuring thousands of names curated by branding experts. Connecting people who have great domain names with people who need them, BrandBucket brings trust and transparency to domain name transactions.

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    As a seller, this is a great marketplace. BB do all of the hard work for me, from promotion, to negotiation, right through to sale of my do…

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  • Squarespace Domains

    Ad-free parking page, Whois included
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  • Mono Name

    Weekend project to help or even inspire makers with curated list of available domains. Users can get one random suggestion or download the full list.

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  • NameScore is an online name checking service for companies and startups that reviews business names and product names in terms of quality, suitability and usability. The results are being provided as a clearly structured multi-page PDF report.

    The tests carried out: Trademark search, Search engine, Domain / Social media availability and more...

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    This is great value, especially with the current 90% promo. Would jump on it!