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Disposable Camera App alternatives and competitors

A roll full of surprises, printed and shipped for $12.99
Top Disposable Camera App alternatives
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  • Gudak Cam

    Do you miss your analog disposable camera? Gudak Cam is the app that brings it back to 21st century. Transform your iPhone into a 24-film-roll camera and feel the thrill of waiting 3 days for print pictures.

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  • David’s Disposable

    It’s super easy to use! Just open the app, take your photos, and wait for them to develop. At 9AM every day, you will get a notification that your photos are developed and ready to be viewed, similar to actual disposable cameras.
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  • It's not just an enlarger camera app for iPad, Halide for iPad is a whole new app — it sports an interface designed from scratch for iPad, some special features for iPad shooting, & it manages to also bring all of Halide’s powerful features along for the ride.
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  • Printsnap is a plugin for Snapchat that lets you instantly get your photos mailed to you or a friend — like a Polaroid in your pocket! Just send the Snap to 'My Printsnap Story'. Prints are just a dollar each and ship everywhere in the US.
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  • Authenpic

    A disposable camera on your phone. No retakes.
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  • 1888

    1888 is bringing disposable photos back.

    Simply open the app, take a picture, and let the magic happen. Your photos will be the envy of all your friends.

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  • Open the app, snap photos, and wait for them to develop (available at 9 AM every day). EverChanging’s new feature, Disposable Memories, let’s you capture memories with friends... but allows you to stay in the moment.
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