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Disposable Camera App
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6 Alternatives to Disposable Camera App
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Do you miss your analog disposable camera? Gudak Cam is the app that brings it back to 21st century. Transform your iPhone into a 24-film-roll camera and feel the thrill of waiting 3 days for print pictures.

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hype cog Add a nostalgic touch to your smartphone shooting. Korean-based startup company Screw-Bar has just developed a new app that lets you experience the joys of disposable photography right from your iPhone. Dubbed "Gudak," the app is set up with an old-school viewfinder and a film roll of 24 shots.
Gudak is a new charming little app developed by Korean startup Screw Bar that brings the feeling of using a Kodak disposable camera to your smartphone. Open up the app and you have a "film roll" of 24 shots.
Just when you think a piece of technology is done and dusted, and firmly left in the past, someone inevitably makes an iPhone app to keep it alive. This is now true for the much loved disposable camera. Screw Bar has developed a new iOS app that aims to bring back the nostalgic Kodak disposable camera experience from years past.
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I've gone through my fair share of analog camera apps, downloading and deleting them one by one as the novelty wore off quickly. My problem with most of these apps, Instagram included, was the overwhelming burden of choice. There are too many filters, and the abundance of ways to tweak every detail was an option I didn't personally need.
You can now have the best of both worlds with the new Gudak app that will turn your phone into an old school Kodak disposable camera. This isn't the first type of app like this to exist, but the difference with Gudak is that it is set up to systematically work like a disposable camera verses just having the filters that resemble one.
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6 Alternatives to Gudak Cam
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