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Digital Socrates
Questions to train your mind.

Train your mind with thoughtful questions. 🧠

Digital Socrates is a crowdsourced database of questions on topics ranging from philosophy to interview questions to personal growth reflections. Think more deeply with the notepad and challenge yourself with the stopwatch. When you're ready, join the community of like-minded thinkers.

3 Alternatives to Digital Socrates

Cognitive training for real-world skills

Arpy Vanyan
Arpy Vanyan- Lead Developer, Inapptics
Used this a while ago. Helps improve many different skills :)
Tim Stubbs
Tim Stubbs
I use this all the time. It's free but you can pay for the Pro version. That allows you to play all their games all the time. The free, recommended 'workout' (personalised) is enough for me - about 15-20 minutes a session.
Mustafa Cengiz
Mustafa Cengiz- Digital Marketer | E-Commerce
That's app most powerfull and funny for improving to brain. It improve different skills your brain and generally just 20 minutes enough per a day.
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