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Simple, scalable cloud computing platform

DigitalOcean is a computing platform was built with simplicity at the forefront, so managing infrastructure is easy, whether your business is running one virtual machine or ten thousand. DigitalOcean gets out of your way so teams can build, deploy, and scale cloud applications faster and more efficiently.

7 alternative and related products to DigitalOcean

Rapid - Real-time Database Service

Build real-time apps without maintaining the infrastructure

Rapid is a cloud-hosted service that allows mobile app and web developers to build real-time user interfaces.

Rapid makes building complex user interfaces a breeze by providing rich query capabilities. You can filter, order and page through your data without having to worry about indexes and optimization.

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Explore the software, services, and tools that uses in their stack, including products for Marketing, Sales and BD, Customer Support and Success, and Developer.
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Cloud computing IDE for iPad

Juno is an iPad client for Jupyter Notebook, an interactive cloud computing environment, where you can combine code execution, Markdown, LaTeX, plots and rich media.

Jupyter supports over 40 programming languages (including Python, R, Julia and Scala) and most big data tools, such as Apache Spark, Pandas, scikit-learn, ggplot2 and TensorFlow. And the most beautiful part is: code execution is happening on a remote server, making computational resources available in Juno indefinitely extendable!

Alex Staravoitau's Blog
I have been a huge fan of Jupyter for a while now, and most importantly of the flexibility it is offering: I strongly believe that the fact that you only need a screen and network connection to get access to pretty much unlimited computational resources has enormous potential.
I have a chance to test drive new iOS iPad app called Juno. Juno is a client for Jupyter Notebook - it lets you connect to a remote Jupyter notebook server and do everything you do with Jupyter on desktop, anywhere. This app made me wonder: Can I then open Keboola jupyter notebooks on my iPad then?
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A managed cloud hosting platform for developers & designers

Muhammad Saad Khan- Growth Hacker, Cloudways
I have started my career with Cloudways as a growth marketer. Three years down the lane. I am very satisfied and proud of what we have achieved in 3 years. We added many new features, entered different markets, re-designed the whole platform, added cloud infrastructure providers like DigitalOcean, Amazon AWS, Google Compute Engine, Vultr, Kyup, Linode. W… See more
Ross Rojek- CTO,,
Use this for a number of sites. You can pick your actual host (I use digital ocean), and spin up (or down) a new server any time. Cloudways makes it easy to manage digital ocean without needing to know command line. Online support is great launching a new site is dead simple.
Muhammad Saad Khan- Growth Hacker, Cloudways
I have been working with Cloudways for more than 3 years now. The founders of the company bootstrapped it from scratch. We were only 7 people team when started back in 2014. Now, 100+ employees with thousands of customers around the world. The founders of the company focused on building a brand that focuses on innovation and customer success.
6 Alternatives to Cloudways


Frequent and reliable Digital Ocean snapshots

Snapshooter allows you to take better backups of your DigitalOcean droplets and volumes. With up to hourly backups, daily, weekly and monthly backup rotation and unlimited backups.

Works great for wordpress, laravel or any other customer server.

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Assembla Enterprise Cloud Version Control (ECVC) is built for enterprises under pressure to move development to the cloud. Assembla answers the demanding requirements for compliance and high availability.

"Our commitment to further developing enterprise functionality in SVN provides for the first time, a credible version control system in the cloud," Jacek Materna, Assembla CTO. Assembla, the leading specialist in Subversion, is unveiling modernized, cloud-based Enterprise Cloud Version Control (ECVC).
Today, Assembla put its stake in the ground as the only provider of Enterprise Cloud Version Control powered by Subversion. For too long, enterprises have had to compromise their most valuable asset, their mission-critical code. CISOs and developers are at odds needing to choose between providing modernized, cloud-based tools to developers, and the complianc… See more
4 Alternatives to Assembla Enterprise Cloud Version Control (ECVC)

What's the best low-cost Wordpress hosting provider?

Ryan ShookCreative Director
Tap - Loveable WordPress hosting
"Lifetime free plan, 5$/mo, super fast, A+ Support and free of all the headache i used to assimilate with hosting. Can't recommend it enough… See more

What's the best WordPress host?

Tom FlemmingPlayer One. Experience Strategy.
DigitalOcean - Simple, scalable cloud computing platform
"You can use this hosting they have a great documentation"

What's a dead-cheap hosting solution that doesn't suck?

Pedro WunderlichMaker of oddball apps (3x ❤️ by Apple)
DigitalOcean - Simple, scalable cloud computing platform
"Cheap and stable servers(droplets), simple interface, really love it"

Which is your preferred hosting service?

dimitar inchevTeam Coworkies &
DigitalOcean - Simple, scalable cloud computing platform
"Digital Ocean + Cloudways + Cloudflare"
Google Cloud Platform - $100,000 in credit and 24/7 support for eligible startups.
"You never have to worry about scaling if you use Google. It works for people building a personal website all the way up to Snapchat-scale a… See more
Firebase - App success made simple by google
"Its Real-Time is SUPERB!!"
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