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5 alternative and related products to Digital Asset Monitor

Digital Asset Monitor
Create alerts for hundreds of crypto-currencies
5 Alternatives to Digital Asset Monitor

Get alerts instantly from coin rate changes in big markets.

Get notification alerts instantly from coin rate changes in big markets.


- See Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and other coin rates on big marketplaces in one page.

- Track coin rates in your local currency.

- See up and down changes in 1 hour.

- Set alert notifications to be notified when your coin’s rate changes in marketplace.

Rating and price
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Digital asset management for professionals

Filecamp allows marketing professionals to organize, share, tag, and distribute their digital assets. All this from one easy-to-use and custom branded platform in the cloud.

Filecamp comes with unlimited users in all plans and works well on all platforms.

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These days, everyone is drowning in email, especially creative businesses and their clients who are reviewing and commenting on designs via email. Beyond the sheer volume of messages back and forth, email is a twisting thread and there is always the risk of reviewing the wrong version of a file.
Filecamp is an Image Library Software system that allows you to store, organize, and share your digital assets - such as images, videos, illustrations, brand guidelines, text documents, presentations, and more.
As your organisation grows it gets harder to keep your digital files under control. Time is wasted dealing with requests for images, logos and other files. People are given the wrong file type for their needs, and a lack of control leads to branding issues.
This isn't an exhaustive list but if your organization falls within the following categories you should stay away from investing in DAM systems and spend your money elsewhere (no matter what vendors say, there is a significant learning curve with ... Read More
Let's not kid ourselves, when it comes to managing business relationships, first impressions count. So too does organization and overall professionalism. When it comes to organizing files, too many agencies fall into the trap of using email or consumer-grade systems, like Dropbox and Google Drive. Unfortunately, these systems fall short in both functionality… See more
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Monitor the web for interesting new content (redesigned)

Nikolaj Bomann Mertz
Nikolaj Bomann Mertz- Blogging away
Great way to scan the internet and figure out what people are saying about you.
Laurynas Almanis
Laurynas Almanis- B2B SaaS Business Developer
Super helpful. It also works well to track competition.
Jonathan James
Jonathan James- Always Reaching.
Since Google crawls practically all things, you can piggy-back on what it finds based on any string combination you want using @GoogleAlerts. Then you can setup these alerts to flow into a separate email account that's setup with filters based on new alert content. So, lets say you want alerts on "Blockchain" that Google finds, just setup that alert and … See more
7 Alternatives to Google Alerts
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