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Digit alternatives and competitors

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SMS bot that monitors your bank account & saves you money

Top alternatives for Digit

The easiest way to supercharge developer productivity
  • Qapital

    Reach your financial goals with gamified automatic savings
  • Plum

    Save more, invest in things that matter and reduce those pesky bills. Get started for free in 2 minutes.
  • Olivia

    A financial assistant powered by AI 💳✨
  • Digit for iPhone

    Save money without thinking about it
  • Monese

    Opening a banking account has never been easier
  • Revolut Vaults

    Picture the scene - you’re sat on a beach right now sipping on a pina colada with the wind blowing through your hair, or maybe you’re driving up and down the highway in your brand new Ferrari. Whatever your financial dreams may be, we want to help you get there.

    Introducing Vaults 💰

    Vaults are the easiest, fastest way to save for your financial goals. Whether you choose to round up every transaction, set up a recurring payment or simply make one-off contributions, you’ll be able to set up a Vault in seconds and immediately start saving.

    Round up your spare change 💳

    Whenever you make a transaction with your Revolut card, we’ll automatically round up your payment to the nearest whole number and place the difference into your savings Vault. Magic.

    Set up a recurring payment 💸

    Getting paid at the end of the month? Set up a recurring payment specifying how much and how often you’d like a payment to go directly into your savings Vault.

    Make one-off payments 🤑

    If you don’t want to round up your spending or set up a recurring payment, you can simply make one-off payments to your Vault whenever you feel like it.

    Save in cryptocurrencies 🚀

    When setting up your Vault with spare change activated, you can automatically buy cryptocurrencies with the difference. Think buying a smoothie for £1.50 and then automatically buying £0.50 worth of Bitcoin and storing it in your Vault.

    We are currently only supporting legal residents in the European Economic Area and Switzerland. We're expanding our service globally and aim to launch this year in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and many other countries.

  • Amex bot for Messenger

    Real-time notifications about purchases & important info
  • Smart-Save by Stash

    Smart-Save studies your spending and earnings patterns to figure out when you’ve got cash to spare. It automatically saves the extra cash in your Stash account, where it earns interest and is available for you to invest, seamlessly.

  • Charlie

    The budget app for spending more on what makes you happy
  • Qapital for Android

    Reach your financial goals with automated savings
  • Chip

    AI-powered chat bot that automates your savings 💸
  • Raise

    The easiest way to save money on the go
  • Joy

    Joy is the brand new money app that will change the way you spend and save money to help you find more happiness in your life.

  • Exeq NYC Beta

    Exeq is in app to help you better understand your spending. Exeq links to your bank account and shows you your spending in the Exeq Feed™️. See where you’re spending and set goals weekly to make checking your bank account way less stressful. Download Exeq for free in the App Store.

  • HoneyMoney

    1 review

    HoneyMoney is a calendar-based way to manage your money better, focusing on cash flow vs "budgeting." It's set up to track your money manually for better awareness, and will help you know how much is safe to spend, how much needs to be reserved, and then ultimately how much you can save.

    Добрый день, Ильдар Спасибо Вам! Каждый раз когда открываю ХМ учусь чему то новому в плане обращения с деньгами. Уже вернул один долг. И спо…

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  • Sink The Price

    Save cash and live large
  • Digs.co

    Digs allows you to earn move-in bonuses and cash back on your apartment in order to save for your first home. Simply rent as you normally would and watch your account balance grow. All Digs accounts earn interest and you have the ability to earn more money when you move or through other promotions. Eventually use your savings for a down payment.

  • mimble

    Get higher rewards than credit cards while purchasing on your timeline and avoiding debt!

    The mimble app helps you save for goals, but in a way that gets you 34X the top savings accts--by partnering with extraordinary companies to give to your savings goal.

  • Goalsetter

    Goalsetter is a goal-based savings and gifting platform built for the next generation, and powered by those who love them. Kids and parents can set goals, small, like a new bike, to big, like college. Parents can help them achieve these dreams, by setting up Auto-Save, while family and friends can also contribute by sending them GoalCards®.

  • Hoddle

    Get more from your bank account!