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9 alternative and related products to devquestions

Discussing a new developer question every weekday - a new developer question every weekday. Learn from a community of developers around the world, via Product Hunt and Twitter.

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9 Alternatives to devquestions

A community of makers shipping together 🚧

Work in Progress is a community of makers. We help each other stay accountable and focussed on building, shipping, and growing our products.

We publicly share our todos, celebrate our successes, discuss our failures, track our goals, and provide each other with actionable feedback.

Don't ship by yourself, ship together!

Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen
Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen- Entrepreneur
There is only one WIP - excellent community with awesome feedback. This is my No.1 recommendation to test ideas quickly.
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Product Hunt
Products made by members of the WIP community at Discover 46 curated products like Nomad List 3.0 and PixelSnap about WIP by Marc-Antoine
About a year ago, I met @andreyazimov in Dojo, a coworking space in Bali. He wanted to make web products like me too. So I gave him some tips some time. I started a Telegram chat group with him and my brother, who was also learning web dev.
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Where programmers share ideas and help each other grow

Ricardo Alamino
Ricardo Alamino- Front-end Developer
Simple interface with great dev articles and shared ideas.
Ben Halpern
Ben Halpern- Founder of
This is the company I co-founded with Jess Lee and we're providing a great community for programmers to keep up with the industry and one another.
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A place where makers & geeks share there daily hacks

Welcome to Daily Hack! 👋🏽
👨🏻‍💻A place where Makers & Geeks share their daily hack in the community!
🚀It's a place where people share there daily hacks they use in their developments.
So, Do you have any hack? 💡

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Today I finished the development of my 3rd project of this year that is See more
⚒️ Introducing by @DailyHackNotes 👨‍💻 Made by Makers 🇮🇳 @mddanishyusuf & 🇸🇬 @fajarsiddiqFS 💻 Made possible with @github 😻 Featured on @ProductHunt 👉 See more
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Crowd-sourced code reviews on daily practice problems

Yannick Dawant
Yannick Dawant
I've recently come across this site. It recently rolled out more structured mentoring, but you work through lots of interesting problems. It makes you think and do a lot of research yourself, so you're learning rather than regurgitating.
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A platform to write and share Markdown

CodiMD is the community fork of HackMD. Collaborative real-time editing of Markdown, plus:
* Sublime, emacs, and vim editor modes, with night mode option
* Slide mode with RevealJS
* Host it yourself with one-click deploy to Heroku or Cloudron.

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