Alternative products to Defonic 2.0

15 alternative and related products to Defonic 2.0

Defonic 2.0
Create a unique sound environment at home or in the office

Defonic 2.0 comes with new sounds, minimalistic design, and awesome animations to offer an enhanced user experience.

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15 Alternatives to Defonic 2.0

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Philipp Bohn
Ambient noise is surprisingly helpful to stay productive
Ben Raz
i used it and it is acctually relaxing and intuitive for taking a litlle braek trouout the day it also has add ons for browsers
Nicky Todorov
I've been using Noisli for only a couple of weeks now but it's total game changer for me. I work in a very noisy office and the app really helps me get back my focus. Also, a great addition is that the ability to mix your own ambient sounds which is pretty cool.
40 Alternatives to Noisli 2.0

Krisp is a revolutionary noise-free meeting and mobile dialer for business calls. It connects to your conference meetings and mutes the background noise leaving only clean human voice. The noise removal is done in real time thanks to AI-powered NC technology.

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I would like to reveal something. The built-in noise cancellation on all our phones is pretty shitty. That's not because Apples and Samsungs of the world are not investing energy to make them better. It's simply because they don't have the technology to make it better.
If your luck is anything like mine, as soon as you jump on an important call, someone decides it's a great time to blow some leaves off the sidewalk outside your window. 2Hz's Krisp is a new desktop app that uses machine learning to subtract background noise like that, or crowds, or even crying kid...
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6 Alternatives to Krisp for iOS

Chill n' Sound is one of my weekend projects. It was heavily inspired by Noisli and ASoftMurmur and is in no way ment to replace them. I chose to release it here since people that tested it, after it was made enjoyed it very much. All feedback is welcome!

Chill N' Sound is the free version of Noisli
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