Alternative products to Deep Grammar

Deep Grammar

Grammar checker based on deep learning

10 alternative and related products to Deep Grammar

Boost Editor

The AI your content can’t live without

Boost Editor uses AI to analyze your writing for the five base emotions: joy, sadness, anger, anxiety and disgust. After you know what emotions your writing elicits naturally, the Boost Editor will suggest word changes to optimize your writing to elicit the emotion of your choice.

There has been a lot of hype around headlines lately. This is due to many things, but one of the key drivers is the Buzzsumo study that analyzed 100million headlines from 2017. Want to skip my preamble and jump right to the results? Scroll down to "The Results" section.
If you're not using emotion in your inbound content - you're doing it wrong. Inbound marketing is a marketing practice focused on attracting customers through content that is relevant and helpful - with the purpose of forging a stronger relationship with a prospect or customer. The inbound methodology classifies prospects into five categories: strangers, vis… See more
You know how something frustrating or depressing, thrilling or sad makes you want to eat a pint of Bassetts Pralines & Cream? That's an emotional connection. So is when you ooh and ahh and feel all warm and fuzzy when a puppy and a Clydesdale share a tender nose-to-nose moment in a Budweiser commercial.
10 Alternatives to Boost Editor

Foxtype Sentence Tree

visualize grammatical structure for any sentence.

Being rude in your emails or text messages doesn't usually get you very far, especially when it's already difficult to sense the tone with text. The FoxType tool can analyze your text and offer rewrite suggestions so you avoid unnecessary rudeness.
Mail Online
FoxType is an online tool that checks the politeness of your messages The software scans for common phrases and types of words It then scores your message with a a so-called politeness percentage The Gmail extension also offers suggestions to make it more polite If you've ever accidentally offended someone with a rude email, or misjudged the tone of a conver… See more
If you want to improve your grammar, you may find it helpful to analyze how sentences are structured. FoxType does the work for you, visually breaking down your sentences so you can see how each word functions.
3 Alternatives to Foxtype Sentence Tree


Automatically fix every Xcode misspelling on the web

BestCode is a browser extension that corrects every misspelling of the word “Xcode”.

Do you, like us, want to bang your head against a wall every time someone writes XCode? xCode? X-code maybe? Then this browser extension is made for you! You can install it on Safari, Chrome and Firefox, and avoid traumatic brain injuries (walls hurt).

9 Alternatives to BestCode


Digital learning assistant for school students

Scholr is a digital learning assistant for school students in grades 6 to 12. Scholr's proprietary technology provides instant academic guidance using optimal mix of AI and community. With such operational advantages, every student is provided a guaranteed help within 30 minutes for free of cost.

Hyderabad: IIIT Seed Fund has invested in Scholr, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based learning solution app that provides personalised education at scale. The fund has been created to invest in technology startups from the IIIT-Hyderabad incubator and startup ecosystem. It is a fund from a network of investors comprising of tech professionals and successfu… See more
This Week India
Hyderabad, February 19, 2018. IIIT seed fund has invested in Scholr, an AI-based learning solution app that provides personalized education at scale. IIIT SeedFund has been created to invest in tech startups from the IIIT-Hyderabadincubator and startup eco system. It is a fund from a network of investorscomprising of tech professionals and successful entrepr… See more
5 Alternatives to Scholr
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