Alternative products to Decorist

10 alternative and related products to Decorist

Beautiful online interior design for a low flat fee.
10 Alternatives to Decorist

An intelligent, AI-powered interior designer in your pocket

A smart interior designer in your pocket. Using AI, we measure your room's size and shape, then recommend new furniture layouts in AR. Find the perfect couch, or just the right spot for that new armchair.

The app has 1000's of pieces from the world's top furniture brands like Vitra, HAY and more all in one place, saving you a trip to the store.

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At Archilogic last year, we embarked on a project to highlight some of the design automation tools we've been building and explore new ways to use our platform. Today we launched the first iteration of that, called Homestory.
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13 Alternatives to Homestory AR

Furnish your home in under 48 hours! No ownership & hassle.

CasaOne is a contemporary furniture rental company -- we are reimagining a fragmented, old-school industry that has completely dropped the ball on serving urban dwellers who like to access and experience, rather than own, pretty much everything.

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What if we were to tell you that you could enjoy great furniture without actually paying a cent to buy anything? Now, what if we were to tell you that renting furniture instead of actually buying it is not only lighter on your wallet, but is also the smarter choice for a bunch of reasons?
8 Alternatives to CasaOne

Design and visualize your dream home in minutes.

Coohom is an interior design platform that lets you create a floor plan from scratch, drag and drop 3D models to design your room or house, and visualize the end output in seconds in high-quality renders or VR.

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Editor's note: This article was supported by Kujiale. We believe in transparency in our publishing and monetization model. Read more here. "If you are a building a really good design tool, the tool is not important. The designer's idea is more important," said Wang Lei.
China's rapidly growing middle class-and their willingness to spend-in recent years has notoriously driven up property prices in major cities around the world. But back home, the Chinese's desire to buy homes requires a different approach.
9 Alternatives to Coohom

Our all-in-one white label solution allows your company to seamlessly integrate AR technology so consumers can visualize your products in their home and make faster purchase decisions.

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Marketing is one of the industries that drive the progress at an incredible speed. AR became one of the technologies that boosted conversion rate and customer loyalty in the past few years.
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5 Alternatives to Faradise

Interior design for the expat community

EXPADS is a business created by Expats for Expats that specializes in the art of problem-solving, the curation of new ideas, and the craft of breathing fresh air into spaces where modern life is meant to be enjoyed. Moving to a new country is very expensive, living in a home you love doesn’t have to be.

6 Alternatives to EXPADS

Shop for interior designers

Krativo is one of India’s pioneering online portals devoted to creating an online ecosystem of home and office interior service providers, professionals, and clients/ customers. We kick started this movement in Indian web portal industry with a baby step in January 2018.

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The capital Karnataka - Bangalore is soon going to have an entirely dedicated web portal for interior designing. Named as " Kraftivo ", the web portal is soon going to join the prolonged list web portals, offering services and solutions for interior design and decoration.
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Your house is an area where you could try all your fantasies by beautifying the home in a useful and fashionable way. At this particular po...
6 Alternatives to Kraftivo

An experiential design and collaboration platform

The Wild is a cloud-based collaboration platform that enables designers to create and share immersive experiences using any virtual or augmented reality device, enabling streamlined workflow by combining design creation, sharing, and presentation into a single extended-reality workspace.

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Silicon Florist
In the early days of any new technology, there is always the challenge of compatibility. As various file formats, schemas, and structures spring to life, interoperability is often the last thing to consider. So it's always nice to see this sort of thing happening sooner rather than later.
The Wild is a new AR-VR software offering that powers remote multi-party collaborative design through the cloud using the top headsets like Oculus and Vive. The solution also uniquely supports Apple's Mac computers in addition to Windows.
The Wild's collaboration platform wants to allow designers to walk through work in real time, saving time and money up front. "We want to reach designers, we don't want to be seen as a VR company," says Clay Walsh in the offices of The Wild, where she heads up marketing.
The Virtualization of Better Decisions: VR/AR Will Revolutionize Your Work The Virtualization of Better Decisions: VR/AR Will Revolutionize Your Work The Virtualization of Better Decisions: VR/AR Will Revolutionize Your Work | The Wild
Traditional presentations lead to poor decision-making. Learn how adidas has integrated VR/AR into their retail design process, empowering their teams to work better together in The Wild.
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The Wild lets users design spaces and share their vision "in real time", which the company claims can help bridge the gap between ideas and reality A new platform allowing designers to work collaboratively using augmented or virtual reality has been launched.
With so much discord in the world, it's comforting to know we can agree that the screens we stare at all day are incredible and also awful. The average day moves gracefully from phone to laptop to phone to desktop - and then eventually rests on TV.
Share TweetPowered by VR, The Wild's cross-platform 3D design platform works much like Google Docs. Last month, the developer of The Wild finally opened the gates to its cloud platform for collaborative 3D design across VR and AR. Founded by Gabe Paez, The Wild seeks to do what Google Docs does for collaborative word processing, but ...
5 Alternatives to The Wild
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