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20 alternative and related products to Decidr

Make better decisions with quick A/B polls

Decidr is a Telegram chatbot, Android+iOS app and webapp tool to create simple, beautiful A/B polls to gather super quick feedback.

20 Alternatives to Decidr

Polly is a fun and easy way to poll your friends. Create a poll, attach it to your Story, and your friends vote in Snapchat. Voting is anonymous so you can bet on honest feedback from those you care about.

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Snapchat doesn't technically have a developer platform, but that hasn't stopped other startups from taking advantage of its new feature for attaching links to your Snaps and Stories. Sarahah was the first, allowing people to ask fellow Snappers for open-ended anonymous feedback. But the problem is that those requests could be met with cyberbullying.
Facebook wants to show advertisers the impact TV has on social and vice versa. The company is launching two new brand measurement tools that analyze TV and Facebook performance. One of them, Facebook Cross-Platform Brand Lift, plugs into TV analytics company iSpot to crunch data on brand lift across Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Audience Network, or FAN, … See more
25 Alternatives to Polly

Our success is directly tied to our ability to make decisions effectively.

This pocket-sized journal will allow you to reduce hindsight bias and will help you to make better decisions.

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Farnam Street
Decision journals are an easy way to improve your ability to make decisions over time. In most organizations today, your product is decisions. By and large, your success will be the sum of the decisions you make over your career. The problem is it's not easy to get better at making decisions.
10 Alternatives to Decision Journal

should-i-cli came about when I was sitting in math class and wondering if I should ride my bike to work that day. Not really wanting to work on math, I decided to create a silly little CLI app that would answer any and all "yes" or "no" questions I had.

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Launched 🚀 yet another side project and CLI tool today: should-i-cli 🤔 Already made its project site, too:
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Search major publications for confusing phrases

Should I Use is a small web application that helps you find correct phrase from two confusion options by searching and comparing hits from major publications like Wikipedia, New York Times and The Guardian.

9 Alternatives to Should I Use

Vote or create your own public or private battles

Everyone can create your own battles, share with friend and vote. Its first global battle website version. When you vote any brand, people or company we created unique images for your vote and unique title & description for sharing.

9 Alternatives to Vottify

Ask your friends anything with self-destructing polls 📊💨

A Poof is a Self-destructing Poll. Create it. Vote on it. And then Poof, it’s gone!

Poof lets you ask your friends ANYTHING and see how everyone votes. When it’s done, it’s gone and you don’t have to worry about it.

Great for getting people’s reactions, coordinating with friends, and more.

Ask & answer questions privately with friends on Poof!

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Split & distribute traffic evenly with shortened smart URLs

Create shareable, shortened URLs that direct traffic to two or more possible destinations. Users visiting this link will be equally split between the possible destinations, allowing you to A/B test the effectiveness of each variation via your analytics platform.

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r/marketing: For marketing professionals to discuss and ask questions related to the marketing industry. Traditional, digital, email, content, SEO, print & online advertising, social media, email, design, analytics, web design, and public relations.
5 Alternatives to LinkSplit

With Pollster, you'll get simple, instant, anonymous social polls to seek and share opinions based on common interests from people all over the world for free.

It's noise free, troll free and less boring.

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Ideas come and go, some just fade with time because you didn't follow up on them and others simply weren't worth following. This happens to almost everyone. We have the capacity to think infinitely but not all of us can do abstract thinking right away, it's a process that just gets better and better as you containerize your thoughts, connect the containers t… See more
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18 Alternatives to Pollster

A/B testing tool for websites

J. Ludwig
J. Ludwig
We use Google Optimize. It's very simple and works great. There are just problems using it with JavaScript codes.
Jessica Ludwig
Jessica Ludwig
I'm not sure if it works as you want it to but I use Optimize and it works great.
Jessica Ludwig
Jessica Ludwig
I worked with this one and it's simple to use.
6 Alternatives to Google Optimize
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