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dbHarbor is a native macOS App for developing, managing and administrating SQL databases on macOS that feels right home on macOS. Featuring an elegant window interface, it puts all the focus on the database development, rather than what’s around them.
Top dbHarbor alternatives
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  • drawSQL is a simple, beautiful database diagram editor for developers to 🚧 create, 💬 collaborate and 👀 visualize their entity relationship diagrams.

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    Yesterday I used DrawSQL a bit longer to map my database schema of my management system. There is still a lot to do, working with it is a bi…

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  • PopSQL

    Collaborative SQL editor to write, run, and share queries
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  • SQL School

    Data analysts training data analysts
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  • DB Lens

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    DB Lens is an opensource database client for Mac, Linux & Windows that helps developers to explore, observe & understand the database in a better way.

    🔍 Database Explorer
    📟 SQL Playground
    📉 ER Diagrams
    ⚡️ Quick Connect (Deep Links)
    💡 Performance Overview
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  • Superintendent.app

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    Superintendent.app is a Desktop app that enables you to write SQL on CSV files. No more vlookup. No more 1M row limit on Excel. It is fast and handles large file well (e.g. load 1GB file in 10s).
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  • SQL Play

    Beautiful SQL runner app for those who want to run SQL commands in their phone.
    It comes with a sample database so that you can run all sorts of query to the employee, customer, songs and artists.
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  • CrateDB

    CrateDB enables developers to process any type of data (structured or unstructured), to query huge data volumes at real-time speed with SQL (including JOINs and aggregates), and to scale their cluster seamessly up to hundreds of nodes.
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