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A boardgame where Monopoly meets Wolf of Wallstreet

5 Alternatives to Daytrader

Forget real estate, you can't afford it anyway

Who needs real estate when you can buy experiences? To win, collect the most experiences, whether it's a week long meditation retreat or a trip to an artisan coffe shop.

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Someone really though a millennial version of Monopoly might be a fun idea. The very bitter people behind the board game known for tearing apart friend groups and getting children written out of wills released an especially cursed version of the game titled Monopoly For Millennials.
Hasbro has released a new game, 'Monopoly for Millennials,' which is infuriating the very demographic it is supposedly trying to entertain.
For many of us, Monopoly is a board game synonymous with childhood holidays. Stuffed full of Christmas lunch, games could drag on for hours, with one family member always seeming to sneak a few notes from the banker on the sly. If this player was you, own it - we won't judge.
Monopoly - the Hasbro version, not the concept - is a fun board game about capitalism. You and some number of your most patient friends take turns rolling dice for the opportunity to buy and trade fictional properties, and then "develop" those properties with "houses" and "hotels," with the ultimate goal of driving everyone else into bankruptcy.
6 Alternatives to Monopoly for Millennials

Community-curated board game rules is an alternative to Googling "[insert game name] rules pdf"... it's a lightweight, easy-to-use board-game rules viewer.

It's also open-source! Both the website code ( and the rulebooks themselves ( are publicly editable.

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Cat-Opoly, an unofficially licensed board game by Late for the Sky, takes the Monopoly formula and adds a lot more whiskers. Instead of properties and railroads, players can buy cat breeds; instead of going to jail, there's a water square; instead of a luxury tax, there's fleas.

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Another September has arrived, and with it, the realization that-once again-you won't be going to Hogwarts. But don't cry into your butterbeer: These Potter products from Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, and Target will help you forget that you're a mere Muggle. 1.
6 Alternatives to CAT-OPOLY

Evil Corp immerses you in a darkly humorous world of unfathomable riches, dirty dealings, and the chance to save the world - no matter the cost.

We made this game for people who know that the world is in an interesting place right now, and need to laugh about it.

Even Elon Musk said it was 'a little on the nose'.

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@EvilCorpGame Great name. A little on the nose.
CORRECTIONS: Evil Corp is for 2 to 6 players, and is co-designed by Allix Harrison. Kickstarter Link: See more
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