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Date Night
Not sure where to eat? Find a place with Date Night
Date Night uses the Yelp API to get random restaurants in your area and display them to you in an informative way. If you see a restaurant you like, you can save it for later, and when you're ready, view all the details again.
Point Card
Point is bringing unlimited cash-back to the debit card.
8 Alternatives to Date Night

Taste helps people find the best local places to eat and drink. Locals get one favorite in each category; one coffee shop, one burger joint, etc. Check-In to receive milestones in each category to increase the value of your opinion and keep track of where you've been. Reshape the way you go eat and drink, through a positive exchange: favorites.

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Coffice City is an inter-galactic city guide for the top 10 best coffices (cafe-as-an-office) to get real shit done. A strictly curated handful of cafes that I *want* to keep going back to. All the cafes listed are/have 📡hi-speed wifi, 😍work-friendly, ☕️coffee, 🚾toilet nearby, 🔌sockets, 🚶standing desks, 🔇mostly quiet. Made using Sheet2Site.

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BACKSTORY I'm tired of myself talking about making products but never actually doing it. It's always been my dream to make products, especially ones that serve the public good and create positive social impact. It's my passion and purpose to create a personally meaningful body of work at the intersection of design, social/public issues and entrepreneurship.
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Whether you’re planning a trip within a certain budget or you’re looking for a hotel that fulfills all your needs, Google Hotels will make travel planning easy.

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Hospitality Net
Google has launched a full destination search site for hotel listings in a move that could seriously shake up online travel - again. Under the innocuous title "There's still time to plan your perfect spring break trip," Google's Richard Holden published an article late last week that showcased a range of new features from the search giants.
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