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Data Daily

Find your B2B leads on a private marketplace

Data Daily is the premier B2B e-mail leads marketplace, providing access to enriched prospect data. Built for sales professionals across the globe, this is the one stop shop for lead generation.

7 Alternatives to Data Daily

Find all the emails related to a domain with just one click

Hunt down all the Email addresses that you need with one click. Email Hunter for Chrome allows you to find a list of contacts behind the website that you are in and even more, it comes with an evaluation if they are still active. Convenient, isn't it?

Lauren Holliday
Lauren Holliday- Journalist with a marketing mindset
The easiest way to get email addresses, but sometimes need to double-check with another tool, like HeadReach.
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Agile CRM Blog
How can you capture the contact data of leads that don't visit your site? Inbound marketing eases the data capturing process by using forms, content upgrades and other tools that allow email signups. There are also lead management platforms such as LeadGenius, Agile CRM and Prezi that ease the process.
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Collect Leads From Any Link You Share 🚀

🚀 Retarget anyone who clicked on any link you share

• Stop losing leads sharing links to any third-party content or website, not even yours!

• Collect your own audience automatically and sell them again, and again.

• Get +34% clicks using branded links.

For affiliates, e-commerce, bloggers and marketers.

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Have you been getting clicks on your short links but lacking consistent follow-through? If so, it's time to start closing the deal. Catch those clicks while they're hot by running an effective Facebook retargeting campaign - don't be frightened, it's much simpler than you think! "First, you need decide the type of audience that you want to reach.
No followers? Publish other content in other groups to grow your audience! "Growth Hack #1: Guest Post" is published by SHORBY.COM 🚀 Get leads from any link you share
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