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The private accounting software dApp for your business
Put your Business Accounting on the Blockchain & keep your data secure & private. Manage Invoices, Expenses, Customers, Files & more from everywhere.
6 Alternatives to dArray

Blockpit is an automated tool for crypto tax reports and portfolio monitoring. It provides seamless integration with exchanges and intelligent matching of trades across exchanges. Users can choose between calculation methods for optimized results and generate required tax documents. The tool is available in English and German as a free beta version

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01.08.2018 / Tax & Regulations "Even though the full scale of misuse of virtual currencies is unknown, its value has been reported to exceed seven billion Euros worldwide", is stated in the report's preface. Authored by Prof.
500 Startups
Three weeks ago, 500 Startups launched a new summer education program for blockchain companies in San Francisco. The new cohort consists of six innovative startups from four countries, all working in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, many of them post-token offering and rapidly growing.
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Adam DePasqua
Adam DePasqua
While not as pretty as some of the newcomers, they allow multiple accounts with one-login, and they auto-categorize your transactions, which is a huge time saver for accounting. It's a true one-stop option for what you need.
Patrick Lupu
Patrick Lupu
I use it to create and send invoices and keep track of expenses. If you are an US business owner, you would probably find your bank listed there to keep track of your bank account.
Nikki Barron
Nikki Barron
I really like Wave apps. It's great for personal and business.
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Jumsoft Money is your next personal finance application that syncs across all iDevices via iCloud.

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Money 5.3 is here. And it's a big one! It's the biggest release to Money, since, well, Money, and it's the one many of you have been waiting for! We're very excited to make your sweetest personal finance tracker even sweeter, and here are the sweetest parts: Money 5.3 becomes a free download for macOS ...
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Accointing allows you to track your crypto portfolio wherever, whenever. What makes us different from the rest of apps? We provide a tax report of all your transactions when tax season comes, aligned to your country's needs. Available for Android and iOS.

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Given that cryptocurrency as a financial asset has existed for only about a decade, it may not be surprising to learn that formalization is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for traders who have embraced the industry.
Whether the crypto market is in a bear or bull market, it is essential to track and have a proper summary of one's portfolio. If the market turns volatile, making irrational decisions due to not knowing where one's portfolio stands can be detrimental.
The Block
What is Accointing? Accointing is a Portfolio Management platform that shows the development of all coins and investments in a portfolio as well as market insights. The platform provides detailed statistics and analytics for every coin and exchange as well as tax reports for users' portfolios.
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