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Dapp.com alternatives and competitors

Dapp.com is your trusted platform to discover and analyze thousands of ranked dapps built on Ethereum, EOS, Steem, Tron, TomoChain, IOST, and Blockstack.

Top alternatives for Dapp.com

The platform to replace your homegrown importer
  • Solid

    Solid is a platform, built using the existing web. It gives every user a choice about where data is stored, which specific people and groups can access select elements, and which apps you use.

    TBL is the genius who started it, I am more than willing to hear his solutions, join the team!

  • thirdweb

    ⛏️ **Build** features such as NFT's, marketplaces, tokens, and more in a few clicks
    🧰 **Utility** SDK's, widgets, and interfaces to integrate web3 features into your app
    🕹️ **Powers** blockchain games, DAO's, NFT card platforms, generative art drops and more
  • Appscope

    Appscope is a directory for progressive web apps that lists hundreds of web-based apps compatible with all devices.

    Appstore of the future!

  • Universal Dapp Store

    The first universal app store for decentralized apps. Find apps on Ethereum, Blockstack, IPFS, Steem, EOS and more.

    Blockstack is doing amazing things. Seeing this come together so well and surfacing the high quality dapps makes me very optimistic for this…

    See more
  • Lander

    Lander lets you create your personal home page in just a few minutes.

    It is super simple app where you can create your own page that will stay on blockchain always. Kudos!

  • Dapp Store

    DappStore is a platform, which lists all popular dApps (decentralized applications). Discover the innovative world of blockchain, plus explore the many decentralized applications in our platform. Dapps are ranked by DAU and shows the real popularity and usability of the dapp.

    it's good

  • DappRadar

    DappRadar lists most popular decentralized ethereum applications (dapps).

    Dapps are ranked by DAU (Daily Active Users) and shows the real popularity and usability of the dapp. Want different insights ? Sort dapps by transactions volume or transactions count, everything is possible!

    I love the website although I wish the cons could be addressed

  • GUN

    Some of your favorite sites like Internet Archive, Decentralized YouTube, P2P Reddit, with millions of users, are powered by GUN!

    Your data is bulletproof with GUN, the Dutch Navy used it on a warship! Learn how true security works: https://gun.eco/docs/Cartoon-Cryptography

    GUN is a tech monopoly killer, to make the internet Open & Free again!

    I built a simple app that could do real-time websocket updates in less than 300 lines of code and no other backend. Unreal!

  • Bunzz

    Free options
    ​​🛠 Build your own tokens, NFT, DeFi Dapp, NFT Marketplaces and more in a few clicks with our GUI
    ⚙️ Best Back-End solution for Dapp developers as well as allowing them to upload their own new modules
    💻 Integrate web3 features into your app using Bunzz SDK
  • Dapp Insight

    Decentralized Ethereum Applications (dapps) Analytics.

    Dappinsight not only lists popular dapps but also reveals the real popularity and usability of popular dapps.

    Dappinsight analyzes everything about dapps such as DAU,MAU,Transactions,Volume,Gas Used and also on.

    The domain is currently down

  • 0x Portal

    0x powered decentralized exchanges have collectively facilitated more than $170M of Ethereum token trading volume. However, to achieve mainstream adoption, they must overcome significant UX challenges associated with self-custody and user on-boarding. In comes 0x Portal - a dApp for user on-boarding, education and DEX discovery.

    Easy, step-by-step UI that helps users trade ERC20 tokens through decentralized exchanges. Bringing crypto to the non-technical!

  • Dappy Coin

    Dappy Coin is a semi-decentralized game that acts as an introduction to blockchain, over 30 cryptocurrencies, and utilizing Ethereum. Start as the lowly US dollar and gain points by playing the game to unlock new cryptocurrencies all while learning about each unlocked coin, blockchain, and how Ethereum works and is utilized!

  • Vault

    Vault is the best crypto wallet for dApps and collectibles on your mobile device.

  • Fifty One

    Discover the best crypto projects followed by the best people in crypto.

    Bookmark this link ! An idea: a chrome extension that add informations about crypto on website (that list ico, or crypto project)

  • Moralis

    4.6★15 reviews
    Free options
    🏆 Try our managed nodes (155M free req/month)
    ⭐️ Scalable, fast and robust web3 infrastructure
    🤯 Everything you need to build, host, and scale killer dApps
    🥂 Go to market in days not months
    This is the best tool for web3 development i've ever used - great workflow for creating full stack projects
  • Pden

    Pden, pronounced Pen, is a decentralized social networking app which encourages thoughtful expressions by creating a space to facilitate responses rather than evoking reactions. Your Thoughts and Social Graph are stored in a decentralized storage system that you own powered by Blockstack's open source software.

    Waiting for the new version were current bugs are resolved

  • PIP

    PIP is a Web3 portal for the creator economy, allowing users to send and receive crypto on any social media platforms; such as Twitter, Twitch, Reddit, etc. It aims to change the way people interact over the internet.
  • Spice.xyz

    Free options
    Web3 data APIs for developers. Simple SQL query, insanely fast. Purpose-designed for applications and ML.

    Ever tried to reach holders of a certain NFT collection?

    TRIPPY lets you connect with other wallet holders based on NFTs they hold, activities of their wallets, etc.
  • Crypto Gamers Community

    Daily content focused on blockchain games plus giveaways

    50+ Real Crypto Games of All Kinds. Dapp Friendly and both PC and Phone, Tablet Games