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6 alternative and related products to Dakwak 2.0

Dakwak 2.0

Localization as a service for your website 🌎💬

Localization as a Service by Dakwak is a website translation and localization platform, to enable small and medium size businesses launch their multilingual websites seamlessly

6 Alternatives to Dakwak 2.0

Localize your website in any language, in minutes

Bablic is a new website translations platform which is transforming the face of website localization. Simply paste 1 line of code, and the platform will automatically translate your entire website into a new language, in a matter of minutes. This is just to show the ability to preview your site immediately thanks to machine translation.

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Bablic Blog
The online shopping industry is an extremely competitive one. Unlike a physical shop, customers have far more choice about where they spend their money, all just one-click away. They can flit from site to site quickly comparing deals, reviews, shipping timelines and a hundred other things before they choose where they'll buy.
Bablic Blog
Many small businesses that are expanding internationally ask themselves what is the best way to translate their content. Professional translation could be very expensive, and the option to use automatic translation for free (or close to it) can be very tempting.
Bablic Blog
If you are a small or medium-sized business looking for a spike in sales, Bablic may prove to be a game changer for you. This blog discusses how: Bablic is an advanced website translation service that helps in transforming a monolingual website into a multilingual one.
Bablic Blog
Bablic is a hands-off complete website localization solution. No more building a new website, making extensive changes to your back-end, changing your website's structure to accommodate a new language, dealing with translators, agencies and so on. That is all in the past, and the future of website translation is Bablic.
Bablic Blog
Localization, Simplified.
6 Alternatives to Bablic 2.0

Website builder that is best for multilingual websites.

Our primary obsession has been to keep management of the websites as easy as possible, so that people can focus on creating great content rather than hustling with technical difficulties. In addition to that, we have created powerful tools for developers to expand the features of Voog.

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Voog is the best multi-lingual website builder- though they don't advertise it explicitly. They have a handy system which lets you create versions of every page for different languages that visitors can access by hitting a flag icon to choose a different language.
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Automatically translate your app's download button ✨

This service allows you to use a unique image link for your app store badges. It will automatically translate them so you don't need to worry about that. It uses the officials badges in SVG by default. PNG are also available (for emails, for exemple.)

Guillaume- I'm just a dev that love beautiful stuff
I just released my first boostrapped little product earlier today. It doesn't solve a hard problem, just an annoying one that I have to deal with from time to time as a web dev :) It allows you to use just one image link for the official store buttons of your app and it will automatically translate them on the fly. I Hope you dont mind the self promoted pr… See more
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Internationalize your site in under 10 minutes

Since many software are only available in English, Lang API helps you internationalize easily your product with Machine translated words or human translators depending on your plan.

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Noteworthy - The Journal Blog
There's an entire world of people out there waiting to use your application, but your product is only reachable by people who speak English. And as the internet keeps on expanding (especially in developing areas), there will be an ever larger user base to tap into.
The majority of the world isn't English speaking, but most web apps are served only in English. This is because it's difficult and time consuming to internationalize apps. We've built translation infrastructure that works out-of-the-box. With Lang, it's easy to internationalize your site with human translators and instantly reach a global audience.
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Localization management with automatic translation

Localization management might take a lot of time and other resources. Weblocale solves and simplifies the whole localization management process including automatic translation to more than 60 languages.

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Multi-language web project usually may be imagined as national flags icons on the design. For multi-language support in web development commonly using JSON to simplify translations management. Management of translations for web projects in some cases may be a very difficult challenge. Most of web projects launching every day are built on one language.
5 Alternatives to Weblocale
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