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Cyph alternatives and competitors

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Start an end-to-end encrypted chat, in 30 seconds

Top alternatives for Cyph

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Onboard customer data in 1-click
  • Keybase Chat

    Keybase is secure messaging and file-sharing. We use public key cryptography to ensure your messages stay private. Even we can’t read your chats.
    Recently acquired by Zoom. News here.
  • Secret

    1 review

    Secret is an open-source tool that allows you to safely send a message privately using an encrypted link.

    This would have been nice 10+ years ago, but I think in this day and age all major web apps (especially communication services ex. gmail, fa…

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  • Hermes

    2 reviews

    Hermes is a decentralized, encrypted chat app, built on Blockstack. Privacy is our priority. Your information is end to end encrypted, and is only

    shared with the people you choose. You hold your own private keys.

    I made it I'm biased but you should try it!

  • Mumble

    2 reviews
    Mumble is a fully encrypted text and voice server that allows you to:
    🎉Create public or private community servers
    🧙‍♂️Create channels for different topics
    💬Send encrypted text and voice chat
    📁Share encrypted files securely
    🤑Tip helpful community members
  • Chadder

    Encrypted messaging app
  • Wire by EY

    Switch from group chats and file sharing, to HD video calls and crystal clear conference calls with a single click — without ever leaving the security of Wire’s end-to-end encryption.
  • Rolo Secure Chat

    Free options
    💬 Rolo Secure Chat is a chat/calling app for iPhone + Android, with all chats end-to-end encrypted by BlackBerry.
    Rolo offers:
    ✅ No sharing of your data with unwanted third parties;
    ✅ No tracking of your online activity
    ✅ No access of your messages by us
  • Crypteron Community Edition

    Encryption and key management for C# and Java
  • Zhoo

    Zhoo is a super simple chat app which is also available as a browser extension.

    Free, secure & anonymous password protected chatrooms with self-destructing messages.

  • Xifrem Chat

    Xifrem is a chat application offering both symmetric and asymmetric encryption completely client-side, meaning that text is encrypted in your browser through a password or a public key before being sent to the recipient and only the recipient can decrypt it.
  • safer.chat

    safer chat is an end-to-end encrypted chat (no one but the participants can read the messages) that allows to create rooms with up to 4 participants, the idea is to have what cryptocat used to be, without the need to install browser extensions or applications.