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Smart sync & share creative projects instantly

Projects you create can be open to all your organization members or closed (hidden) to invited people. You can choose specific file synchronization options for each project: metadata sync or file sync. Metadata sync gives you acces to large data volumes but don't have to automatically download all of them on your device.
You don't, actually. But let me backup a bit. Back in early Web days we were thrilled to have the same file seen by two people at the same time in two different places. WoW! Now fast forward 10 years and gazillion files later: not so magic any more.
A while back I've described a banking project workflow I had a privilege to lead from development side. A big takeaway from this project is user access rights, privileges granulation, information visibility. Imagine a typical case: you're invited to you hopefully soon to be client meeting.
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What is the best free Mac program for creating flowcharts and diagrams?

Shardul Golwalkar
RealtimeBoard 2.0 - Web-based whiteboarding & team collaboration tool
"clean UI, fast and has desktop app" - Create and share diagrams easily
"Web-based tool that lets you create and share diagrams. It's easy to use and works on most browsers."
Lucidchart - Easily draw diagrams & collaborate with others online
"These guys have all the flowchart and diagram options you'll ever need. Again, web-based tool that they like to call "Visio for Mac". Check… See more

What is the best looking live dashboard software?

Sebastian J RobertsEntrepreneur
Cyfe - All-In-One Business Dashboard
"Cyfe has a lot of data input sources to track your Social Media, Web Traffic and more."

Looking for dashboard software for Amazon/ebay referrals and Google Analytics

Corey GanserFounder,
Cyfe - All-In-One Business Dashboard
"I just discovered Cyfe and it looks like it it meets all of the requirements with the ability to add custom integrations for the rest. So f… See more
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