Alternative products to Cube.js

10 alternative and related products to Cube.js

An open source analytics framework 📊
Cube.js is an open-source, modular framework for building analytics into your web apps. You can use Cube.js for internal business intelligence tools, or customer-facing analytics.
10 Alternatives to Cube.js

Simple, privacy-focused website analytics

The same popular Fathom Analytics platform that was only available via our repo on GitHub is now available as a hosted option!

It's the same open-source software, but entirely managed by us on our cloud network with servers falling under Europe's strong privacy laws.

With Fathom PRO, you just need to plug in our tracking snippet to get started.

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If we aren't paying for the product, we are the product.
Fathom Analytics provides simple and useful website stats that focus on user privacy.
14 Alternatives to Fathom Analytics PRO

Website analytics powered by machine learning 📊

Clarity by Microsoft is a web analytics product for webmasters. Session replays and heatmaps powered by AI and machine learning.

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To help webmasters understand how visitors interact with their sites, Microsoft has launched its new Clarity analytics tool in beta today.
Clarity is a web analytics product which enables website developers to understand user behavior at scale. This service allows website developers to understand how users are interacting with their sites and identify improvements that will lead to optimized engagement, retention and conversion. The initial release supports playback of recorded user sessions, w… See more
29 Alternatives to Microsoft Clarity

AI-driven insights and recommendations for Google Analytics.

AI-driven insights for Google Analytics. Automaticly discover website conversion problems, who's affected, why and what you can do about it.
Uplifter automates web analytics to give you 'what to do' to get a better conversion rate, more sales and revenue.

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