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12 alternative and related products to CryptoJobs

Earn bitcoin for referring friends to crypto jobs

CryptoJobs by Xpo.Network is the only crypto jobs site that allows for bitcoin referral rewards.

12 Alternatives to CryptoJobs

Invest in tomorrow, get rewarded today

Republic's new token is designed to reward you for growing the startup ecosystem. In the future they aim to link the Note to the upside Republic gets from their startup portfolio, entitling Note holders to a cut of their revenue when any of the startups "exit"

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Republic, a startup that runs an equity-crowdfunding platform, believes cryptocurrencies can make it easier for mainstream investors to get involved in various businesses as shareholders.
We're launching the Note today - a digital asset earned for growing our startup ecosystem - to create an even more symbiotic relationship between founders and investors on Republic. Today, Note holders get access to a growing list of on and off-platform perks, like reserved allocations into our hottest deals and exclusive event tickets.
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Become a headhunter: manage, track & get paid for referrals

Eminently is the first platform that helps you manage your job and business referrals, track it, and get paid when a deal is made. In fact, you surely have introduced people for job or business opportunities, but how often were you kept informed, paid, or rewarded for it? Also, we record digital proofs on a blockchain to value your contribution.

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Product Hunt
Eminently - Become a headhunter and get paid for referrals! on Product Hunt
August 2, 2018: Romain Pellerin posted images on LinkedIn
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Earn money while organizing the Bitcoin (SV) blockchain

Open Directory is a new open source way for anyone to organize the Bitcoin (SV) blockchain and earn money.
It's a reimagination of DMOZ, Yahoo Directory, Awesome Lists and Reddit—and adds the ability for everyone involved in content creation to earn money.

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