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Cryptocurrency Jobs alternatives and competitors

Cryptocurrency Jobs is the biggest blockchain job board on the web with over 1,000 hand-curated jobs at 400+ startups.

On Cryptocurrency Jobs, you will find jobs for all job types and roles, including customer support, design, engineering, finance, legal, marketing, operations, product and sales.

Top Cryptocurrency Jobs alternatives
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  • CryptoJobs

    CryptoJobs is a job board dedicated to blockchain companies that are hiring and has over 200 listings so far.

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  • Cryptohire gives ICO-backed startups access to the decentralized pool of blockchain engineering talent. You can't find these devs on UpWork, Blockgeeks or other portals, because they're full-time employed at top European dev shops. Cryptohire makes it possible to hire them on a long-term basis and pay them in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or your own token.

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    Very good idea

  • πŸ’± Crypto Jobs List is the #1 crypto and blockchain job board!

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    i like the founder

  • Work in Crypto

    A job board for the cryptocurrency ecosystem
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  • The latest jobs in Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
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    file upload buttons dont work, email doesnt work, the site is poorly laid out, and redundant on top of it.

    simply awful

  • Crypto Job

    Crypto Job helps blockchain and cryptocurrency specialists connect with businesses.

    ⏱ Set up your personal or company profile in a couple of minutes

    πŸ”Ž Review all the job offers and specialists on the platform

    πŸš€ Build an amazing team and achieve success!

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  • Noble Hire

    Noble Hire is a referral-based job board connecting world’s most promising tech talent with cutting-edge product companies.

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  • Satoshi Careers

    Satoshi Careers is the easiest, most effective free Blockchain Job Board in the industry. Delivering high calibre global talent on one slick, easy to use platform that takes the headache out of recruiting.

    Need a Blockchain Architect, ICO Advisor, Crypto Fund Manager or a Blockchain Lawyer? Satoshi Careers has you covered.

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  • Crypto Jobs & Careers

    The best and latest jobs in the Blockchain and crypto industry.
    Find the right position in your dream company or apply for the right kind of roles
    To get in touch, please fill up the form and we will get back to you
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  • Cryptoshirt by Woppal

    Cryptoshirt works using QR codes. Anybody around you with the Woppal app can scan your code to get few woppals off you. Why is this a good idea ? We don't know, but it sounds fun and crazy. This t-shirt comes with a default 10,000 woppals at the base level, and would say "cryptoshirt" on it. Use code PRODUCTHUNT for 20% discount.

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  • Blockchain Jobseeker is a global job board for the blockchain industry

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    Hey there! I really like the layout of your site. Keep up the good work!