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Crypto Investment alternatives and competitors

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Top alternatives for Crypto Investment

Work side-by-side, even when you’re not in the same room
  • Delta

    Delta is the slickest cryptocurrency & ICO portfolio management app for iOS & Android. It's the ultimate tool to have a clear overview of all your cryptocurrency investments and your total holdings and profit or loss.

    You can even add ICO coins that are not available on any exchange yet, making Delta the most complete portfolio app out there.

    Haven't found anything even nearly as good as this on the market. Solid team and product, excited for things to come. Export to CSV and abil…

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  • TradingView

    TradingView is a social platform for traders and investors (think Bloomberg and LinkedIn rolled into one). Free charts for financial markets and talk to over 1,500,000 traders about trading ideas in real-time.

    I started using TV when I started paying more attention to the cryptocurrency market. Since I started using TV, I have become a bit smarter …

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  • Argent

    A first for crypto: in one tap you can earn interest and invest; borrow, store and send. Enjoy unprecedented security too. Lock & unlock, recover easily and set daily limits. Only you can access your assets. Not us, or anyone else.
  • CryptoMoney

    CryptoMoney is A customizable dashboard for all your cryptocurrency needs.

    Loved the service and constantly using it. Just a dash of tweaking to make it super extra awesome

  • CoinBundle

    CoinBundle is the easiest way for new investors to buy bundles of cryptocurrencies to build their portfolios. Zero fees, best in class custody and a range of investment options to choose from based on risk profile and beliefs. Based in San Francisco and backed by YCombinator, Initialized Capital, Switch VC, Tuesday Capital and Liquid2 Ventures.

    This is awesome. As someone who had never gotten into crypto before this, could not recommend CoinBundle enough. It's the way to go

  • Mudrex Coin Sets

    Coin Sets are theme-based bundles of cryptocurrencies actively managed by experts. They help you diversify your investments across a theme and minimize your risk. Invest in ideas you believe in and grow your wealth in the long run!
  • HodlBot

    HodlBot is a customizable automated portfolio management tool for cryptocurrency investors. Create your own portfolio or index, backtest historical performance & auto-execute the trades on the exhanges you are already using.
  • Crypto Central

    Crypto Central is a new kind of cryptocurrencies portfolio.

    Track your crypto investments in a heartbeat, check the coins market cap to avoid sh*t coins and read the last news of the crypto world to win the trading war.

    Team very attentive and very dynamic. real professionals.

    I highly recommend this app after testing it.

    It's really the best on the market.

  • Game of Coins

    Game of Coins is a virtual portfolio that allows you to invest in Cryptocurrency without any of the risk. Virtually manage your fantasy portfolio and track your success on the leaderboard.

    pretty cool

  • Crypto Backers

    Browse through the Top-9 (based on public interest) coins and find out celebs who go an extra mile to make the future of crypto arrive at the world’s doorstep sooner.
  • Coins

    Coins is an encrypted cryptocurrency portfolio management tool created on top of Blockstack. Built from the ground up to measure your performance at varying scales, from fine-grain to high-level insights. Try out the demo and see how easy we make it to analyze your investments.

    Great product roadmap. This is going places.

  • Coins

    Coins is a free and easy to use tool to keep track of all your cryptocurrency investments. Create multiple portfolios and manage them yourself or with your team by inviting collaborators.

  • Crypto Timeline

    Timeline of historical CryptoCurrency events with details.
  • Astronaut

    Astronaut is an ICO management platform which is backed by the leading provider of independent research, Picolo Research.

    I've been looking forward to this for a while and see it as an excellent opportunity. I would also advise to hold for minimum 1 or 2 years, …

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  • Lionshare for iOS

    Simple cryptocurrency price & portfolio monitor, now for iOS
  • Genuine Impact

    Find your next great investment idea with Genuine Impact. Quickly compare over 13,000 stocks & funds from around the world. Monitor your watchlist & stay up to date with the latest investment analysis from top investors. Available globally on iOS & Android.
  • Alpha

    Alpha - by HeyPiggybank is a brand new product designed and developed by the traders and technologists at HeyPiggybank. After developing a top-100 crypto index and launching to the public in Jan 2018, the team have been at work on a second product based on a new trust index of cryptocurrencies for longer term investment.

    The mechanism behind the trust index is interesting. Not just market cap, but based on the team behind it and the actual impact of the proje…

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  • Cryptostatus

    After buying even small amount of cryptocurrency people are faced with the problem of tracking current prices, which leads to a daily loss of time.

    To solve this problem, we are working on a service cryptostat.us that will notify you of the growth of your investment relative to what price you bought crypto and the percentage of growth you expect.

    Changing method of user registration would be great idea because now it's not comfortable to sign up by email for most part of users

  • Investnix

    Investnix opens the world of Investment opportunities for the common Internet user.
    Discover and learn new possibilities of gaining profits from any investment category with ease and security.
  • Bundil

    Bundil allows you to automatically invest your spare change from everyday purchases into cryptocurrency.

    this app is pretty awesome, no complaints