Alternative products to Crugo

5 alternative and related products to Crugo

The out of the box communication platform for your business
5 Alternatives to Crugo

A new, improved Slack desktop app for Mac

Furkan Demirbas
Furkan Demirbas- Product Developer at Datapare
Super easy!
Savelii Kovalenko
Savelii Kovalenko- Marketing Manager, CleverPumpkin
I like it has many other programs integration support. We use YouTrack, Zendesk, Gmail, GitHub etc. It saves a lot of time and makes everything more transparent.
Product Hunt
Product Hunt
Without Slack, the Product Hunt team will be animating GIFs by hand and sending messages via postcard 💌
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The best version of Basecamp ever made

Trusted by millions, Basecamp puts everything you need to get work done in one place.

Tejas Kinger
Tejas Kinger- SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc
A wonderful tool that works really really well for collaboration.
Debdut Mukherjee
Debdut Mukherjee- Marketing Strategist
This is by far the best project/task management tool I have seen. It has a sleek design with an intuitive UI. Try it out!
Tejas Kinger
Tejas Kinger- SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc
I'd stick to Trello for managing my own tasks, but for collaborative projects, Basecamp works best. I love the daily digests sent right to your inbox that helps you stay on top of things.
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Omnichannel business communication: CRM, Chat, Surveys, VoIP

Nextiva Service CRM, Nextiva Chat, Nextiva Surveys, and Nextiva Analytics join forces to provide a full view of customer communications.

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It seems like we've been discussing Nextiva's next biggest move for some time now: four years to be exact. And that's because Nextiva's next biggest move has been in development for roughly four years. That is, until today. We finally come to you with news that Nextiva has rolled out their new NextOS platform, and delivered the solution to the market.
The road to employee (and customer) burnout is paved with good intentions. Here's the problem: Almost everyone who serves customers starts out with the best of intentions. But it doesn't take long to get worn down and burned out when you're forced to work with tools that simply aren't up to the task.
9 Alternatives to NextOS

Secure, cloud based communication service for businesses.

Ninchat can be used for customer appointments, team communication or live group discussions: text, attachments, video calls, internal team channels, chatbots, integration to client crm/erp, all encrypted and tailored for your needs.

Ninchat focuses on secure communications, high compatibility, customizability, and cross device use.

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We are pleased to partner with the 2015 Winners of European innovation "Young Bull" award and Nordic startup award: Ninchat. Ninchat specializes in cloud based communication services that aim to enhance customer service, improve communication among teams and enable live group discussions, ultimately aiming to build real individual relationships with customer… See more
How does your team communicate at work? There are a lot of team communication tools out there, but check out Helsinki-based Ninchat, a nicely designed and accessible browser-based chat client. Ninchat is free to use and can be used for any sort of chat communication, but they're targeting the product towards companies that need secure ...
"Vaimo uusi allergialääkereseptinsä klo 23 ‪Terveystalon chatissa. Nyt on kunnollista." Twiittaus satunnaiselta kansalaiselta heinäkuussa 2017. Se keräsi 16 uudelleentwiittausta ja yli 200 tykkäystä. Ajankuvaa ehkä sekin, että twiittaus oli tehty lähes ajantasaisesti, klo 23.08. Nopeasta toiminnasta ilahtui moni muukin kuin allergiaoireista kärsinyt vaimo ja… See more
Ninchat ...
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