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Cronofy alternatives and competitors

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Unified Calendar API for developers

Top alternatives for Cronofy

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  • Cronhub

    Cronhub helps you to easily monitor all your cron jobs in a beautiful dashboard. It alerts you when your cron job doesn't run on time or it fails so you can sleep tight.

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  • Calendar by 44

    Designed from the ground up for unrelenting speed and blazingly fast calendaring. It’s just one seamlessly scrolling collection of months tightly integrated with a to-do manager, and a new kind of intuitive flow for creating events.
  • Tika

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    Everyday, we look at the same few apps to help us manage our day. Tika unifies your calendar, meeting notes, tasks, and to-do’s all in one easy to use application. That way, you can rely on Tika to tell you your priorities at any given time.
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