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12 alternative and related products to Creddon

Tweet for a cause and a sponsor will donate $1 to charity
12 Alternatives to Creddon

500+ design tools for public good, all in one place

Public Design Vault is Startup Stash meets design meets government. It's a curated directory of 500+ design tools & resources for public good, all in one place. Super useful for folks working at the intersection of human-centered design, innovation and public/social impact.

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For my 2nd MVP, I'm launching Public Design Vault, a curated directory of 500+ design tools and resources for public good. My 1st MVP Outsprint Store was about selling and sharing design tools for public good that I made myself, while Public Design Vault is about curating tools that others had made and putting them all in one place.
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Use computer's processing power to earn money for charity

Use your computer's processing power to earn money for charity. Nifflr joins your computer to a network of devices mining for cryptocurrency. That cryptocurrency is exchanged for dollars, which are donated to charity twice a month. 100% of your device's contribution is passed along to the charity of your choosing.

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Micro-donations for disaster relief made easy

OneRelief is a charitable donation platform collecting micro-donations for humanitarian relief aid. OneRelief launches crowdfunding campaigns within hours after a disaster has struck and forwards collected donations to certified humanitarian agencies on the ground. OneRelief operates fully non-profit.

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Driven by the vision to change the way we respond to humanitarian emergencies by enabling each and everyone to give, Peter, Noah and his team at OneRelief are developing an innovative fundraising tool that democratizes giving.
OneRelief, a young startup and charitable donation platform collecting micro-donations for humanitarian relief aid. A social entrepreneur who's worked on humanitarian response, he is trying to find a solution to reconcile the public's eagerness to donate and humanitarian organizations' urgent needs for support in times of crisis. - CARISMAND
SINGAPORE - Many people are willing to support their favourite cause by making a donation. You hear of people giving millions of dollars and wonder whether a tiny donation can make a difference. The reality is that S$10 or even less matters and can change lives. A survey by
When disasters strike, two things decide between life and death: time and resources. In September 2017, when Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, destroyed hundreds of homes, knocked out power across the entire island, and triggered heavy flooding, resources were limited and time was running.
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Charity shops and online auctions to support great causes

Since 2014, eSolidar has been connecting consumers with social causes and enabling charities to diversify their fundraising base & reach new audiences through online charity shops, donations and special charity auctions with celebrities & brands. After reaching 50K registered users and almost 800 charities, we're now getting businesses involved.

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"I used to work for the Cats Protection League," said Mark Salway, leaning back in his chair with a smile. "The fundraising team ran a big campaign to raise money for a cat called Scrunchy, which did well.
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Online fundraising platform eSolidar has expanded from Brazil and Portugal to launch in the UK. It lets individuals and charities sell items online to raise funds, and charities post 'auctions for good'. Launched in May 2014 by Marco Barbosa in May 2014, eSolidar has already been used at a variety of festivals, including Rock in Rio, where Elton John donated… See more
Live interview on BBC with Marco Barbosa, co-founder of eSolidar, that is currently equity crowdfunding on is a global giving online marketplace that allows people to shop, sell and donate to their favourite charitable causes.
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Last week I went to the launch of eSolidar, a new website that helps smaller charities by giving their supporters a platform on which to buy, sell and bid on items in order to raise money for their favourite cause.
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Clothing that makes a positive impact on the environment 🌲

Many companies are adopting a "one product for one tree" incentive. Treets have flipped that model to donate the majority of profit back to the environment.
Each and every shirt sold donates $5 to plant 5 trees.

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