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Crayon Crunch

Personalized kids' book - 200M custom combinations

6 Alternatives to Crayon Crunch

We transform your kids' art into custom books.

Plum Print transforms those piles of your children's artwork into custom coffee table books! And the process is so simple for parents. Place a deposit, we send you an empty box, you drop artwork, schoolwork, sports trophies, etc into the box, we take care of the rest. We send you a digital proof to approve. Original materials returned upon request.

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Q. My kids are growing up fast and they bring home tons of paperwork and memories from school. Is there is an efficient way to scan the projects and even record the children describing the art? A.
May 14, 2017: Carolyn Lanzetta had more arts and crafts from her children than she could manage. With nowhere to save these keepsakes, she created Plum Print. Let's find out if our panelists like the picture that Carolyn has painted for them.
Brit Morin and Paula Faris from GMA speaking about Plum Print
Uploaded by Plum Print on 2017-08-30.
ABC News
So happy to say almost spring cleaning time. So this morning, we're going to show you how to use technology to get rid of all the clutter around your house. Paula Faris tried new tools out in her own home. You're a brave gal. I have a lot of clutter.
6 Alternatives to Plum Print

Subscription box to find new, treasured children’s books!

Bookroo is a monthly subscription for kids ages 0-10. We combine the excitement of opening a gift with the discovery of a new, treasured book! Each book is individually wrapped to help your child see reading as a gift.

We enable and empower parents to build their children's book collections and help children to fall in love with reading!

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Personalised books for young readers

We built a platform which allows users to personalize children's books by changing the name, avatar and message. Users can also have the stories read with the custom name in it by leveraging Amazon Polly technology. Our personalized books for kids are being translated into 12 different languages.

Check it out at

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Launched in 2018, Amazing Fables is founded by Warren Leow (35) with a purpose of selling personalized children's books where the name, gender, avatar, dedication message can be changed. Warren's company now has 6 titles and another 4 in the pipeline where are the stories were constructed and visualized by the team members.
Amazing Fables, started by Warren Leow, enables you to select a story, customise the name, avatar and gender, and personalise the dedication message
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CEO Series Amazing Fables is a Malaysian publisher of customisable children's story books. Founded in 2017 and launched in 2018 by entrepreneur Warren Leow, Amazing Fables lets buyers pick and choose from an array of themes such as animals, magic kingdoms, and heroic adventures, and customise each book to fit the name and look of the reader.
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Unleash your imagination by completing funny pictures

Imagine how fun it will be to turn incomplete pictures of animals into creative artworks! These unique sketchbooks are the perfect gift for kids and adults who love to imagine, draw, paint and create.

The Atypical Sketchbook of Cats and Dogs was the first version I launched, and due to the great impact it had at Amazon, I created the Pugs version.

Currently I have made other versions of Atypical Sketchbook that will be on sale at June:

- The Atypical Sketchbook of Pandas

- The Atypical Sketchbook of Bulldogs

- The Atypical Sketchbook of Wild Animals

- The Atypical Sketchbook of Farm Animals

Enjoy them!

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A creative drawing book with incomplete fun photos that have to be completed using your imagination. An invention of
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