Alternative products to CrankWheel

10 alternative and related products to CrankWheel


Insanely simple freemium screen sharing +enterprise features

10 Alternatives to CrankWheel

Collaborative screen sharing for sales & success teams

Demodesk is cloud-based, collaborative screen sharing for sales and success teams.

☁️No downloads or extensions, runs from any browser

🚄>5x faster transmission

👭Instant sharing w/ multiple participants for collaborative browsing and editing

📹 Integrated video calls

🔗Email/calendar & Salesforce integration

📅Team scheduling & booking pages

Wilhelm Bacher
Wilhelm Bacher- Shaping the future of sales @ DemoDesk
[Disclaimer: I work here] Great for screen sharing in customer communications behind firewalls or with customers who use outdated browsers
Wilhelm Bacher
Wilhelm Bacher- Shaping the future of sales @ DemoDesk
[Disclaimer: I work here] We use it for co-browsing and in our Standups to share screens
Wilhelm Bacher
Wilhelm Bacher- Shaping the future of sales @ DemoDesk
[Disclaimer: I work here] Hands down the best tool for remote customer communication: Participants just click a link and that's it! Now downloads, no firewall issues, no browser restrictions. We use it a lot to sell Demodesk itself :D
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Why screen sharing? Why this market? Aren't there already tons of vendors? Not exactly. We've been hearing that question quite a few times. Read on to read our story. Online meetings are a pain. Currently available screen sharing solutions are complex, ineffective and not built for the cloud age.
7 Alternatives to Demodesk

Simple, Fast, and Secure Co-browsing

Work jointly with the help of the reliable platform Surfly. If you have to collaborate with your colleagues on a mutual project, you can share your screen, video chat, share files and a lot more. And you can be sure everything is securely encrypted for your and your files safety.

7 Alternatives to Surfly

Collaborative screen sharing with multiple mouse cursors

USE Together is a collaborative screen sharing solution with multiple mouse cursors support and easy web access. Invite your teams, partners or friends on your screen, they have their own mouse cursors and they can interact with your apps in real time and remotely as if you were all gathered around the same desktop. Available on Windows and MacOS!

Julien Lehuraux
Julien Lehuraux- CTO at OPEXMedia
Multiple mouse cursors and voice chat on MacOS and Windows! In free beta right now 😄
Julien Lehuraux
Julien Lehuraux- CTO at OPEXMedia
You can share your screen and system audio (if you have Soundflower installed).
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