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  • Happy Couple

    Happy Couple is a quiz style app for couples where you can have fun and find out more about what your partner thinks or feels. Unlike matchmaking, Happy Couple is an app for couples wishing to strengthen their already-existing relationships through friendly gaming.

  • Lovebox

    The Lovebox is a communication device to take care of those who matter the most to you. It transmits positive emotion, not just messages. When you send a love note using the mobile app, the Lovebox’s heart spins until your loved one opens the lid and discovers your message inside.

    I love it, just got 3 pre-releases in Paris before the KickStarter campaign, one for my home, 2 for each grand parents... and my kids love i…

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  • Lovewick - Couples App

    2 reviews
    Dating app? Nope. Couples therapy? Nuh-uh. Lovewick is a couples app with exploratory questions, date ideas, and research-based relationship goals to help you and your partner grow and stay in love, without it feeling like “work”.
  • Honeyfi

    Honeyfi is a free app that helps couples spend and save better. Today Honeyfi is launching Goals, a feature to help couples save for anything from a vacation to a home. Just create a goal, choose a savings rules, and automatically save money toward your goal.
  • Spark

    Romantic ideas and reminders for your special someone
  • My Love

    3 reviews
    Keep tabs on how long you've been with your partner, get reminded on important dates. My Love helps you stay on track with your relationships!

    I'm interessted but the pricing doesn't fit to me for this kind of product. I would rather pay one shot (around 10€ max) but certainly not a…

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  • The Couple's Bucket List

    The Couple's Bucket List is a box made for couples who want new and interesting ways to connect. It's broken up into three sections (life, love & laughter) with 100 ideas on new, interesting ways to reconnect, get outside of your comfort zone, and get busy (in more ways than one).

  • Spicer

    Spicer improves couple's sex life. Both partners install Spicer on their phones and answer questions about sex. When both partners answer Yes or Maybe to the same question, it's displayed as Match. Matches are list of new sex ideas both partners want to try.
  • TheLoveBank

    Try out a new way to become closer to each other. Create love transactions in chosen currency. By the default, you have 2 currencies such as Kisses and Hugs. Check your debts to absolve them in real life.
  • Lovely

    A positive approach inspiring growth and connection in relationships. No phones, no therapy and no pressure.
    Relationships take practice and routine attention. Our boxes have couples anticipating something new and playful, that they can experience together.
  • Coupl App

    Coupl relationship app is the perfect free app for couples who want to build stronger relationships. It gives couples new personal daily questions and has them try to guess their partner's answers.