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CostMe alternatives and competitors

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Simple web app to compare the fees of popular payment providers, calculate their costs and predict your revenue. Feel free to play with various sales screnarios.
  • Bootstrap.money’s goal is to help entrepreneurs (like you) estimate their annual income. We also provide weekly digests of the best resources to start a "bootstrapped" business.

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    Nice work

  • Financial Toolbelt is a site dedicated to helping people understand and improve their finances.

    We are launching with 3 calculators at the beginning for some of the most common questions in personal finance: retirement, starting a side business, and credit card debt. We are working on more tools and welcome all feedback & feature requests!

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    Hope more people can discover and use this tool!

  • It’s impossible to test a scheduled action for a future time, isn’t it? With Chargebee’s Time Machine, a first-of-its-kind tool, you can test and visualize your subscription lifecycle, and billing workflows. So your real configurations work exactly as you want them to, and won't embarrass you in any way.

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    I really loved this great concept.

  • Time Well Spent

    Time Well $pent is a Chrome extension that helps you be more intentional with your money, so that you can spend your time on the things that actually matter to you. Enter your salary and it will automatically convert prices on all websites to time (i.e. the amount of time it takes you to earn that amount of money in the first place).

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  • Cashactions

    Cashactions is an app designed to allow users to keep track of their cash transactions. Although credit card and money management services are increasingly popular, Cashactions focuses on giving users a simple, direct way to help them continue to use real money. Made by a teenage developer.

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