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14 alternative and related products to Cosight 2.0

Cosight 2.0
Peer feedback from anyone + track improvements over time ⭐
Cosight was launched 7 months ago to give everyone a fast and easy way to get peer feedback. Since then, people from all over the world have used Cosight for 360° Peer Reviews and today we're launching 2.0 with several new products.
14 Alternatives to Cosight 2.0

Matter is for professionals who want to become the best version of themselves. Discover your strengths and reach your aspirations.

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Lullaby Tom
Lullaby Tom
it is great!
Brett Hellman
Brett Hellman
How do I not recommend Matter!
Brett Hellman
Brett Hellman
Make your life easier and more pleasant at work.
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We're excited to announce the launch of Matter, a new app for professionals to become the best version of themselves. Discover your strengths, feel amazing at work, and reach your career aspirations. The Future of Productivity One professional aspect of workplace productivity that is fundamentally broken, yet critical to
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Ryan Hoover
Ryan Hoover
Speedback is built for anonymous peer reviews in Slack, which might work for your needs. Alternatively, you could create a simple Typeform form to poll and ask questions of your group but it won't be integrated in the way you're describing.
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Cosight is the place to find out what people really think about you.
We all have blindspots - but now it's easy to see what they are!

😎 Discover where you're doing great
🔨 And where you can improve
📈 Then track your changes over time

13 Alternatives to Cosight
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