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Corvid is an open development platform that lets you build advanced web applications using a visual builder, integrated database, built-in IDE, 100s of APIs connection and much more.
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Bird Eats Bug
Perfect bug reports every single time
  • You don't need to be a coder to build software. Bubble is a visual programming tool that makes programming as easy as pointing and clicking. Instead of teaching code, we reinvent how we build software via a visual interface.

    Users have used Bubble to get into YC or raise multi-million dollar rounds. Today, Bubble counts more than 175,000 users

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    Hands down, the best "Low-No-Code" Apps available today.

    You can build almost anything you can imagine with it... and do so with remarkable s…

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  • newCo is a platform providing a bunch of tools for makers.

    We have two main areas of focus:

    - An online remote bootcamp where we help teach people how to build and launch products with a custom curriculum, unlimited support and weekly check-ins.

    - Online programs ran by companies like Webflow, Jovo, Prototypr.io and Women Make

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    As a non technical founder, building things without code has always been a sticking point, but using the skills and techniques collated by B…

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  • Zeroqode 2.0

    Zeroqode 2.0 is a one-stop shop for both No-Code products (templates, courses, backends, web2native) and services. We offer a growing number of functional app templates with polished UI/UX. No-code tools and technology make launching new products and services up to 10x faster. No programming skills required.

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  • Boundless is a next-generation web builder that allows you to build an interactive web application without writing any code. Create beautiful pages, save and redisplay user-generated content, and trigger custom workflows. The possibilities are Boundless.
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  • Netgrif

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    Next-generation end-to-end low code application platform which is based on a unique approach to business process management. The goal of the platfrom is to help businesses of any size to succeed in a fast-changing world
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