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Control Air alternatives and competitors

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Touch-free gestures to control iTunes, Spotify, + more
Top Control Air alternatives
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  • iTunes Remote

    iTunes Remote is simple web app to control a native MacOS app. With it you can control your iTunes app remotely without Internet!

  • gestify for Spotify

    With gestify, you can keep your eyes on the road while driving and control Spotify with simple and intuitive hand gestures. Thus making your life saver ๐Ÿ™Œ
  • hRemote

    hRemote helps you to control your music stream to AirPods/earbuds/headphones via Apple Watch:

    1. Skip songs by twisting/tilting your wrist forward (check out iPhone app for a demo).

    2. Change volume level by scrolling digital crown.

    3. Play/pause via button.

  • PlayTray

    PlayTray is the key to using your macOS media keys to control Spotify playback on Desktop, Web and Mobile.

    It allows you to control playback with ease and see what's playing by just tapping the icon in your tray.

  • Svadilfari

    Svadilfari is a Safari extension that lets you control Safari with Gestures.
    By drawing gestures on websites, you can perform various actions in Safari, such as opening/closing tabs, copying URLs, and executing JavaScript.