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25 alternative and related products to Content Marketer

Content Marketer

The best tool for influencer outreach & content promotion

25 Alternatives to Content Marketer

All your influencer marketing campaigns under one roof

Assembly is a cloud-based application that allows brands and marketing agencies to manage all of their influencer marketing campaigns in one centralized location. It streamlines the entire influencer on-boarding process, and makes it easy for marketers to create targeted campaigns - and track ROI - along the way.

Shikhar Khanna
Shikhar Khanna- Cross-border Commerce @ Craftsvilla
Super clean, easy to manage dashboard, get your basic analytics sorted. All platforms under one roof. You can definitely give it a shot! @neilhenderson88
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If you think your influencer marketing campaigns aren't delivering ideal results, it's probably because you need to make some changes. Influencer marketing sounds easy - you just send stuff to influencers, and they promote it on social media so their fans start rushing to your website, right?
Influencer Marketing Hub
Services Offered: Campaign Management Channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, Tumblr, Blogs, and Google+ Let's take a moment and recognise the greatness of Canada. If the three countries of North America were siblings, Canada would be the shy, polite one-ignoring the family dynamic, keeping her head down, and quietly succeeding … See more
Assembly is a cloud based software providing you with everything you need to invite influencers, manage them, and report on multiple influencer campaigns. All communication, and even payments, can be done right in the application.
9 Alternatives to Assembly

World’s 1st DIY YouTube thumbnail maker with 700+ templates

Picmaker is a DIY YouTube thumbnail maker that helps create custom Youtube thumbnails and YouTube channel art.

It is loaded with 100,000+ graphic elements, 700+ templates, 1000+ stock photos, photo filters, inbuilt tools that help with background burning and adding sticker effect to take your YouTube thumbnail making skills to a whole new level.

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Video Making and Marketing Blog
2018 has been an amazing year for us! :) Today, we are super excited to share a thrilling news with you all. The Animaker family is now 2 Million Strong! Our Journey from 1 Million to 2 Million users has been lightning fast. We owe this success entirely to awesome Animakers like you.
5 Alternatives to Picmaker

Find influencers, get deep insights and content inspiration.

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You can look at the keywords an article is made up of, you can compare two articles and see what common and unique keywords they have (saving you a lot of time since you now don't have to read those articles)
3 Alternatives to Social Animal

Influencer outreach & content marketing platform

Jonathan Bentz
Jonathan Bentz- Creator of Leads, Sales, and Traffic
Our team at DOM recently deployed this tool to drive our link building and blogger outreach initiatives. Looking forward to seeing it scale results for us this year.
2 Alternatives to Pitchbox

The necessary toolkit for content creators on YouTube

YTRCP offers tools that help boost Productivity of Content Creators, Tools such as

Random Giveaway Comment Picker, Realtime Subscriber Count and Thumbnail Explorer all in one Single Website presented Beautifully. It's almost 3x faster than The Older Versions of YTRCP and other alternatives available on the web.

10 Alternatives to YTRCP

Collaborative tool to create, optimize & distribute content

Intellyo's tool allows you to research, create and optimize your content pieces and distribute them on several channels (social media, Medium, Wordpress), while easily working together with your collaborators. ✍🏼💻

Fruzsi Peti
Fruzsi Peti- Online Marketer @Intellyo
The Creator Engine cover the complete end-to-end editing process, including a calendar so you can manage everything in one place and collaborate with others. 😎💻
Fruzsi Peti
Fruzsi Peti- Online Marketer @Intellyo
write amazing articles about knitting together with other grandparents on the internet
Alitzel- Digital marketing strategist
It is free for individual bloggers and it optimizes your content :)
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EContent Magazine
Intellyo launched its free content production software, the Creator Engine. The software enables content writers and bloggers, as well as companies, to manage every aspect of the content creation process and foster team collaboration. Intellyo's end-to-end solution which was built with the purpose of helping creators publish unique and optimized content fast… See more
Online Marketing Assistant @ Intellyo 1st March 2018 | 2 mins read Intellyo launches their free content production software, the Creator Engine. The software enables content writers and bloggers, as well as companies, to manage every aspect of the content creation process and foster team collaboration.
10 Alternatives to Intellyo Creator Engine

The content marketing platform for digital agencies & SMBs.

Content Launch is the first complete content marketing platform built for digital agencies and small/medium sized businesses. (SMBs) The application enables you to plan, create, distribute and score any type of content. It also comes with a robust content ordering system, where you can get any type of content written for your company.

5 Alternatives to Content Launch

ClearVoice helps companies create and scale great content.

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Fiverr is acquiring ClearVoice, a company that helps customers like Intuit and Carfax find professionals to write promotional content. The two companies seem like a natural fit, since they both operate marketplaces for freelancers. Fiverr covers a much broader swath of freelance work, but CEO Micha...
6 Alternatives to ClearVoice
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