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5 alternative and related products to Community Inviter

Community Inviter

Auto invitations for Slack

5 Alternatives to Community Inviter

Making messages more interactive with buttons

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Depending who you ask, Slack is either an indispensable business tool or an attention-draining time suck. And for better or worse, the chat app has added a feature designed to keep people even more glued to the service. Today (June 21), Slack is making third-party integrations more robust with something called message buttons.
Share to email Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin Share to google Covering venture capital, software and startups Slack is happy if its users want other productivity apps to go with Slack's own communications tools.
Message Buttons mark the biggest change to the Slack API since its inception. They're deceptively simple - a bit of UI that lets users interact with your apps directly. They're available in the Slack API and can be added to any existing app.
3 Alternatives to Slack Message Buttons

Subscription access to anything with Slack

Benjamin Powell
Benjamin Powell- Founder & Startup Infomaniac
Could be a solution, charge to join a channel where you update files? Not quite what you want but may be a work around.
4 Alternatives to SlackPass

A plug-and-play rewards program for community contributors

We need to give blockchain entrepreneurs the toolset to foster a community, by rewarding and highlighting the most important builders of a specific community. is doing just that — a way to highlight contributors to existing networks by rewarding non-fungible tokens.

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Building a community is hard. We join communities for a sense of belonging. A way to believe in something and have passion for a common purpose. At first, nobody believes in the purpose of a community -community builders need to evangelize and keep building towards their purpose.
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