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11 alternative and related products to Comma

A simple email newsletter reader for your phone
11 Alternatives to Comma

The new way of subscribing to newsletters

Supscrib is the new way of receiving newsletters and messages.

Start de-cluttering your mailbox by switching to a Supscrib account for newsletters and mailing list subscriptions.

- You can subscribe anonymously to newsletters

- Your can easily block or reject publishers

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Paid email newsletters made simple

Substack makes it simple for a writer to start a paid or free newsletter. Writers get a CMS built for publishing email newsletters, integrated payments through Stripe, and a website that can host free and subscriber-only content.

Sat Panesar
Sat Panesar
Simple. Great signal to noise ratio for writers and readers.
Vo Dang
Vo Dang- Mình là bác sĩ Thú Y cho BV Trung Ương
Very easy to use
Sat Panesar
Sat Panesar
If your users expect more signal than noise, information over entertainment, then Substack is the way to go.
Around the web
Substack started out by providing individual writers and publishers with a set of tools enabling them to charge a subscription fee for their newsletters. Now it's giving them the ability to do the same thing with podcasts. In fact, Morgan Creek Digital Assets founder Anthony "Pomp”...
A growing number of independent publishers, whose audiences are too small for significant ad revenue, are using new technology to help them sell subscriptions.
Nieman Lab
Indie email newsletter fans got some disheartening news last month, when Inc. reported that TinyLetter, its niche email newsletter platform, would be folded into its parent company, MailChimp. MailChimp CEO Ben Chestnut soon clarified, saying the company does not plan to make any changes to TinyLetter this year.
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A simple, focused reading app for your newsletters.

Inspiratio offers an easy way to read your favourite newsletters with no distraction

• Subscribe to as many publications as you want with a private email address( which ensures you stay anonymous to websites

• Alternatively auto-forward your subscriptions from Gmail

• A simple an clean interface to read every new incoming issue

Jakob Fricke
Jakob Fricke- ❤ side projects, works at @samsungnext
Inspiratio comes with your private email (or you can set up auto-forwarding from Gmail) and all your newsletter subscriptions end up in a dedicated clutter free app. Think of an podcast experience but just for newsletters.
Deep Dave
Deep Dave- Tech geek
It's the best app to receive and read newsletters in one place.
Jakob Fricke
Jakob Fricke- ❤ side projects, works at @samsungnext
It's easy way to read your favourite newsletters with no distraction. It allows you to subscribe to as many publications as you want with a private email address( which ensures you stay anonymous to websites and comes with a simple an clean interface to read every new incoming issue.
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Send ad-free articles & web pages to your email inbox

Found a great article but don't have time to read it now?

EmailThis will remove ads & distractions from the page and send you a beautifully formatted email with just the text and images. You can read the email anytime you like, anywhere you like - on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Ollie Coleman
Ollie Coleman- Software craftsman
I found this bookmarklet via PH. It does exactly what it says on the tin. The best thing about EmailThis is that it helps me turn my email inbox into a todo/to-read list. I use it to save bookmarks/links that I need to read in the near future and I use Pocket to basically save everything that I might need someday.
Andreas Wagner
Andreas Wagner- looking for..........😎
I love it, because it is so simple and smart!
Bharani- Co-Founder, Resumonk
Save everything to your email. Since your saved pages/bookmarks come to your email, you can access it from any platform or device. You can also create folders, tags, labels and auto-filter rules to manage incoming emails. No additional apps required to access your saved bookmarks.
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