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ColorZilla alternatives and competitors

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An eyedropper for your browser.
Top ColorZilla alternatives
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  • An open-source Chrome extension for matching web colors 🎨

    I use this to match colors perfectly when design. Awesome for designers, creative types, or artsy people who obsess over every detail.

  • Kameleon

    If you see a beautiful color and you need its code to use it later in your projects, then "Kameleon - Color Picker for Pocket" is the app that you need. It is a very simple app that helps you pick and save colors from the real world and from your photos. Picking a color is now easier than ever.

  • Color Dropper

    Press the dropper icon or use keyboard shortcut and then click on any part of your browser screen. Automatically capture (and copy) the Hex Code to your clipboard. A small tooltip shows up to tell you when the Hex Code is successfully copied.