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Color Dating alternatives and competitors

1 review
Tinder for interracial dating
Top Color Dating alternatives
MicroMRR by MicroAcquire
Free valuations and analytics for your SaaS startup
  • Official

    2 reviews
    You’ve swiped through what seems like everyone in your area, found your match, and now you get to delete your old dating apps. Yay! But now what? Well, let us help you answer that: meet Official.
  • Chorus

    7 reviews
    We’re a matchmaking app creating real, authentic connections. There's no swiping for yourself—we're over that. On Chorus, your friends swipe for you. We also pair you on 5 min video dates with people who meet your preferences. Dating should be fun, not lonely.
  • FAANG Shaadi

    1 review
    Finding your soulmate among the top tech companies, because you deserve no less.
  • Cuddli

    Dating for geeks
  • Promenad

    Grow your circle! Be it a casual friendship or the love of your life, Promenad is a brand new dating app that connects you with others nearby and everywhere.
  • Bae

    Where people of color, meet, chat and date
  • sapiosexual

    You enter your bio and answer some deep questions
    You wait for 3 days. We need time to find partners for you manually.
    We will send you a list of 3 partners whose profile that are the most compatible with you
  • humhum

    Think speed-dating but slower, and partly silent. Grounded in mindful awareness, and rooted in the shared intention to connect. We can check our self presentations at the door and offer our presence to others. Just a bunch of humans— being themselves, together
  • 5F - Find Fit Friends

    Tinder for more “active” people. Find Sport Buddies.
  • Words of Heart

    Words of Heart is an app with a unique take on online dating -- create an account and you will be matched with other singles based on your password ❣️

    Please note the password you use will be sent in plain text to the server -- it is not secure. Don't use a password you use on any other accounts.

    Insecure application. DO NOT USE. Terrible UX as well.

  • Echo

    Echo is a voice-focused dating app. You can think echo as Tinder with audio. When you login you immediately start to see profiles and listen voices of suitable dating candidates around you.

    When you liked someone he or she will be notified automatically. So you don't have to spend money to get noticed.

  • Encounter

    Encounter manages your entire dating life from one central location, from the match to the message to monogamy. The only catfish proof dating app. View profiles for potential dates. Schedule dates on your own time at great local businesses with Yelp. Get there and back safely with Uber. Manage communication on your own terms. Have an Encounter.

    There is a right and wrong way to launch a product. These guys are doing it wrong.

  • hey there

    1 review

    hey there believes friends are more powerful matchmakers than algorithms. We are the first dating app where you can "buddy up" with your friends. We also are the first app taking on all the pervs, scammers, and fakes with our social verification process. "hey there" is designed for REAL people seeking REAL Long Term Love!

    Highly recommend!

  • Unmiss

    Unmiss is a cool application for fast dating. Find those who misses right now and join them.

  • 21Q

    2 reviews
    21Q is a unique social networking platform where we have gamified the online meeting experience. Our curated experience steers users towards exciting and engaging conversations which foster stronger relationships from the start.
  • Arithmr

    1 review
    In an era where content creation is becoming increasingly present in our lives and dating has become more and more difficult.
    I decided to create a dating app focused on the common content we love starting with YouTube.

    1 review
    Abyow™ is a dating app for those who are tired of swiping inactive, fake, misleading and non-responsive profiles over and over again.
  • Congle

    Congle, a Saas application that connects singles and cafes on one platform to provide instant dating experience in a safe and secured manner within 24 hours.

    Unreveal - The first of its kind dating app where you match with personalities instead of photos.
    We developed Unreveal to connect you through conversations with real users who are close by. The photos are revealed only when your conversations are growing.
  • Curius Dating

    1 review
    At Curius, we know that relationships are not binaries to be classified as just left or right.
    This is why we've introduced 4 ways to express your relationship needs so that you can meet people who actually match those needs