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CollabFinder alternatives and competitors

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Find cofounders and makers to help build your project
The easiest way to supercharge developer productivity
  • Find a high-quality co-founder on our platform of 4500 founders. Tell us about yourself and your preferences and we’ll show you profiles of your ideal candidates. If there’s mutual interest, we match the two of you.
  • Scrum

    A platform for creators to share the things they're building
  • Findnlink is a platform where you can share your projects and find co-founders/members.
    - Customize your project page
    - Create your own portfolio / profile
    - Show your skills

    We want to make Findnlink a great virtual workspace to connect teams together 👌
  • Nextlist

    Nextlist is a side project finder for makers. I do a lot of side projects every year and thought it would be good to have some fun with other makers too.

  • Itching to launch your amazing start-up idea but need a co-founder to help you get there? Starthawk is here to help you find your future co-founder. Join our free community of co-founders today and start your search!
  • Hackathon Match is dating site for Hackathons! Built primarily for the Product Hunt Global Hackathon, to get as many people hacking as possible.

    Users are able to list themselves and search the other participants by the skills have have and those they looking for.

    Good initiative that supports the building of teams. Thanks

  • Project Board

    Find a co-hacker for your latest project

  • The next time you are with your co-founder or potential partner, get to know them better by taking turns answering questions from this deck of co-founder cards.
    Learn more about each other so you can work better both together and individually.
  • Itching to launch your amazing start-up idea but need a co-founder to help you get there? Looking to jump onboard with someone elses? Starthawk is here to help you find your future co-founder. Join our community of co-founders today and start your search!
  • Crowdforge

    Where software projects & startups find collaborators
  • Find A Maker

    Find A Maker lists all kind of different side projects. Looking to make some extra cash at the end of the month? Working on a Side Project is the solution!

    You want to launch a Startup but you need some help? Find A Maker!

    The jobs are tagged with 4 main specific roles : Builder, Organizer, Seller, Designer.

  • The Pond

    The Pond is a free, user-friendly matching app that connects entrepreneurs with their ideal co-founders and team members. The app saves entrepreneurs time and hassle by curating high-quality, relevant matches every day.
  • I get approached all the time about co-founding roles. Too frequently the people I speak to are cagey, vague, or unclear about who they are, what they're building, and what they have to offer.

    Featured Founder fixes that by adding transparency to the cofounder search process so people can stop searching and focus on building their product.

    I found this offering really compelling. I've struggled as a single founder trying to juggle everything, and I knew I needed additional tech…

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  • Be Founders

    Connect with other passionate entrepreneurs who either have a startup or want to partner with you on your big idea.
  • Comakers Match

    Comakers Match helps makers find the other maker who builds something with together. You're able to put an easy and simple pitch page on the application. Happy making!
  • Tapestry is a template/ritual that unites co-founders. It’s a framework and process that leads to a stronger and healthier partnership. By answering a series of questions separately, then bringing them together you’ll emerge with a manual and shared language
  • Kaero

    Networking Redesigned: Swipe & Meet via Video Call
  • Unmade

    Startup ideas from the future in your inbox
  • Friends helps music venues, art spaces, promoters, and event organizers transform their audience into monthly paying members that support their programs.

    We do that by upselling ticketbuyers into memberships as they're buying tickets to your event.

    20% of ticketbuyers so far became members, earning venues an average of $11/per ticket sold!

    I always mean to give to the spaces I love more regularly, and I appreciate that friends makes it easy to remember to do it. Plus I like bei…

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  • indie buddy

    A simple service which lets you connect with likeminded people around complementary skillsets. You can rest assured that every indie buddy wants to help, and in turn expects the same from you. Enter your strengths and weaknesses, and we will cross match you.